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Pulling Down Heaven Qigong Practice | Maria Furlano

anxiety grounding high blood pressure pulling down heaven qigong Sep 27, 2022


This Qigong exercise is traditionally called "Pulling Down Heaven." Doing this simple practice - connecting your breathing to your movements, will help to ease your mind, relax your heart rate, and ground your energy.

On the video there are also optional closed captions (cc) if you want to use them.


Please read helpful information below before practicing:

  • Caution - If you have low blood pressure (Hypotension) do not practice this exercise, because this exercise helps to lower blood pressure and may make your blood pressure too low.
  • DO not practice this exercise if you are pregnant.


Benefits of "Pulling Down Heaven" Qigong practice:

  • It is a great way to begin and end your day because it's like taking an energetic shower. In fact if you picture a small drain beneath you that takes anything you'd like to release easily away into the earth, it's a powerful visual.
  • It root and stabiles your energy and also helps lower blood pressure, because you slowing your breathing and moving the energy in a fluid and downward motion.
  • Helps dissolve mental anxiety and overwhelm because your focus is grounding your energy and clearing your energy fields.
  • Because it resets your nervous system into a "rest, digest and repair" mode, it assists in elevating your frequency and supporting your immune system.


Tips to begin...

  • Make the video full screen and enjoy the scenery!
  • Turn the sound up to listen to the music and ocean waves.
  • Movements:  3 times = 1 set (You'll be doing 3 sets in this video).


Seated Posture:

*If you can't stand, or you're having balance difficulties, please do this exercise seated.

  • Choose a sturdy chair (without arms if possible) and sit at the edge of the chair with your feet flat on the floor and breathe into your belly.


Standing Posture:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and relax your knees. Extend your posture nice and long, as you breathe into your belly. 
  • Connect your breathing to your movements 
  • Keep your head looking forward and your jaw relaxed.


I invite you to practice this daily for one month and observe the differences you feel!

Wishing you peace and well-being,

Dr. Maria

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