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Energetic & Intuitive Cultivation for Women

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The Studio is open to students who have previously participated in either the "Accessing  Your Center Core of Light program, or other workshops where they have learned the foundations I teach.

Our time together is designed to deepen your Qigong cultivation as you expand your intuitive gifts.


As intuitive & empathic women ... 

We often give away so much of ourselves (aka:  our energy) that we end up depleted, drained and over time even resentful. 

As powerful as we are, if we're not supporting the sacred energy within us, we can begin to tune out. And this means we stop accessing our intuitive gifts.

Intuition isn't only about seeing what's ahead, but it's also there for you to access information coming from your physical body and emotions that will guide and support you in everything you do.

When we're able to tune in... And access who we truly are, it's the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

AND then, when we learn how to cultivate our energy - It impacts everything - how we show up in the world, in our relationships, our health, creativity, and how we can support the healing of our planet.  

Can you imagine how it would feel to cultivate an amazing relationship with your energy system? 

  • To know how to access your personal power?

  • To know how to clear your energy and reset your mental focus? 

  • To be in control of your emotional balance?

  • To have more physical energy and at the same time, feel more relaxed?

  • To be able to tune into your intuitive guidance system?

  •  To establish (and maintain) energetic boundaries that support you? 

  • To have the tools to calm mental chaos?

  • To know your strongest intuitive gifts and how to use them?

  • To know how to align and expand your frequency... at will?

  • To be part of an exceptional community of woman support your journey?

“I'm loving this studio!" 

"Maria, you are the best in holding sacred space for others and providing them with all the information and support they need - whether it's one-to-one or in a group. I'm loving this studio!"

Karen Wayne, HHP, CRTh, SCP, BARA | Los Angeles, CA 


I'm so glad you're here!  

Please take a little peek inside our studio


"I've been an acupuncturist for almost 30 years and Maria is the best Qi Gong teacher I have worked with.

These are the things I appreciate from her work and our live master classes...

The topics andexercises are presented in the context of what we're experiencing in our lives and we learn different ways of staying present and responding to our environment from the that place.

Learning how to care for our yin and yang cultivation and clear static energies. Learning Qigong practices that support our energy during each season. Building a solid energetic foundation, but cultivating the subtlety of flexibility.

I highly recommend this work and this teacher."

Elen Lauper, L.Ac. | California

Maria Furlano headshot yellow shirt The Art Of Tuning In Healers

Hi there!

I'm Maria Furlano. I began my journey into the energetic and martial arts when I was 12 years old, and it's always felt like home to me!

I'm trained as a Doctor of medical Qigong (China) and a Physician of Chinese medicine. When I'm not teaching, I work with private clients as an energetic, intuitive and spiritual coach.

For over 20 years now, I have the privilege of ushering people into a deeper relationship with their soul/mind/body energy system, so they can cultivate emotional balance and vitality... As they learn how to tune into their own intuitive gifts.

I created this Studio for women, because I believe having the skills to step into who you truly are (spiritually and physically) is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your relationships and in consciously elevating the vibration of our planet.

I can't wait to support your journey!

What's inside?

LIVE Master Classes

This is where the magic happens!  

You have the option to join us in a LIVE Master class each week if you want! 

Each Month you'll have direct access to me during our: 

  • 1 LIVE (90-min) classes expanding our monthly "Topics + Q&A's."
  • 3 LIVE (30-min) Qigong classes integrating seasonal practices
  • All LIVE master classes are recorded so you can view at your convenience.

Online Studio

Move at your own pace. Cultivating personal energy is an expansive process. That's why we have steps and stages to support your journey all along the way! 

Live classes combined with an online library of series and practices, allows integration and lasting positive shifts for your energetic well-being to actually happen.

A Conscious Community

We have a community of healing practitioners, artists and spiritual seekers who are here to expand their conscious well-being in all they do. Our Member Forum is included inside your member portal (not on Facebook). It's a simple space to share and connect.

Topics we explore in our LIVE master classes...

  • Healthy Boundaries:  You'll learn how to reshape your personal boundaries so they support you personally and professionally.
  • Roles We Play:  Are the roles you play in your life empowering your energy, or depleting it.
  • Energy Cords: What kinds of cords are healthy and what aren't? How do you release what isn't serving your highest energy flow?
  • Aligning Your Power:  If you struggle with overwhelm, consistency, self-doubt, or anxiety learn how to tune in to your true power.
  • Your Energy Centers:  Chakras, Dantian's (elixir centers in the body), Tai Ji Pole (center core of light) and our Wei Qi Fields (3 levels of bioelectric fields that radiate from and protect the body).
  • Tuning Into Your Intuitive Gifts: How do you most easily tune in? Let's expand!
  • Medical Qigong Practices:  That clear, align and cultivate physical energy and your intuitive gifts.
  • Emotional Energy System:  How are you reacting and responding in your life, that's draining your energy?
  • Holding Sacred Space:  Holding sacred space for yourself and your clients, as you grow in your intuitive abilities.
  • Fortify Your Frequency:  Cultivating your internal energy and energy fields.
  • Sacred Protection:  Stop "taking it all on" and depleting your own energy. 


Can't attend live? No worries. 

You're also able to send me your questions and all live master classes are recorded!

I'm excited! > Take me to payment options!

Member experiences...

"Each time I work with Dr. Maria, whether in a group setting or one on one, I come out of the session much wiser. It doesn’t matter the topic: it could be boundaries, chakras, Qigong practice, or meditation.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about things I know nothing about or topics I feel very familiar with. Maria continually shifts my consciousness and guides me to perceive things in new and profound ways."

Studio Member - A.T. | Portland, OR 

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Member experiences...

"The more I do the Qigong, the more I do the clearing - the more crystal clear my intuition comes through. Game changer

I can’t say enough about Maria and this Studio. I’ve been a part of it since last year and it has made such a difference in my life and bodyworker practice. I highly recommend it if you would like some support with expanding your energy.  

Diane Heggen, CMT | Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

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What members are saying...   


 "I was centered and so fully rooted, after my training with Maria. It felt like nothing was in my way – especially myself. My mind isn't clouded, it's more focused and I'm learning more and more how to create space in my life that is finally supporting me. It's been amazing to feel the pockets of tension and resistance, start to unlock."

Kirsten McKinney, Award Winning Choreographer & Master Teacher | Virginia


“Maria you constantly amazed me with your vast knowledge of the subject matter, and incredible intuitiveness. I have never been taught by someone who possessed such a strong passion and enthusiasm for teaching… You have awakened a desire in me with this work.”  

Kat Reyes, Master Medical Qigong | Las Vegas


"For the past year I've been able to meditate and practice Qigong daily, and I've experienced huge positive shifts in how I react and respond to stress in my life." Dr. Maria's knowledge of Qigong and energy medicine is incredible. I love the live master classes."

Patricia S., Musician - Producer | Torrance, CA 

> Please take me to payment options!

I want your experience in The Art Of Tuning In Studio to be exceptional!

If for some reason this program doesn't meet your expectations, just email us within 30 days from your purchase date and I will give you a 100% refund of your payment.

As a teacher of energetic arts for over 20 years, the information in this program has supported students to expand their energetic frequency and I know it can support you too! 

This program is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you need medical advice please seek the help of a qualified Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or your primary health care Physician.

I can't wait to support your journey! 


$65.00 (USD)

per month

Here's what's included in your monthly membership:

  • 4 LIVE Master Classes each month with Maria. (That's 48 Live classes per year!) This is so valuable - Weekly LIVE guidance and support - if you choose to be there!
  • Expand at your own pace with online access to all series.
  • Audios, videos, workbook and/or PDF's. 
  • Recorded live topic + Q&A master classes
  • Recorded live 30-min Qigong practice classes
  • Qigong Seasonal Practices
  • Member Forum (inside your portal, not on Facebook)
  • Member only discounts on private sessions
  • Free mobile app for iPhone & Android

Recurring monthly, or cancel anytime inside your member portal.

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

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$780.00 (USD) 

I believe cultivating our energy & intuitive gifts is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our relationships & elevating the vibration of our planet.

A Very Special Bonus with your annual membership... A Private session with me [$300.00 value].

Please note that due to my schedule, space is limited for this Bonus. But, if you're seeing the "Enroll Annually" button below, then this bonus is available now and I can't wait to support you inside the Studio & our private session!

Here's what's included in your annual membership

  • 4 LIVE Master Classes each month with Maria. (That's 48 Live classes per year!) This is so valuable - Weekly LIVE guidance and support - if you choose to be there!
  • Expand at your own pace with online access to all series.
  • Audio, video, workbook and/or PDF's. 
  • Recorded live topic + Q&A master classes
  • Recorded live 30-min Qigong practice classes
  • Qigong Seasonal Practices
  • Member Forum (inside your portal, not on Facebook)
  • Member only discounts on private sessions
  •  Free mobile app for iPhone & Android
  • + BONUS One-to-One Intuitive Coaching & Medical Qigong Clearing Session with Maria Furlano [$250.00 value] Access to schedule your session (on Zoom) is given during your 2nd month as a member.

Yearly renewal, or cancel yearly renewal anytime inside your member portal.

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

Currently Full

Member experiences... 


"I'm able to access what I need most inside this membership.  Maria explains things in such a simple way, it's easy to put to use in my life! The medical Qigong tools has been a little set of tools in my arsenal box... It's empowering!"

Melissa Middleton, Student | Berkeley, CA


I can't believe how quickly using the Qigong practices and looking at how I'm focusing my mind is positively shifting my perspective in so many areas of my life. I have so much more energy! Huge win!

Lynn | New York


“Whether it's one-to-one or in a group, Maria you are the best in holding sacred space for others and providing them with all the information and support they need. I'm loving this studio!"

Karen Wayne, HHP, CRTh, SCP, BARA | Los Angeles, CA

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If there's anything at all that you're not clear about; any concerns or questions then please contact us and we'll help you out.

The Art Of Tuning In, LLC is a learning, healing and transformational space free of discrimination of age, physical challenges, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.