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How are you moving through life?

Are you tuned in with your soul's journey?

Or, being pushed and pulled by everyone and everything else?


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Mam Smith
“My journey with Maria has been exhilarating, challenging and some of the most satisfying work I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. She's is the real deal!”

Mam Smith, NY | Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat, Choreographer, & Professional Stuntwoman

Hi there!  

I'm Maria Furlano

As a Spiritual Medium & Master Teacher, I work with people who desire to step into full alignment with their soul's path.

Trained as a Doctor of medical Qigong (China), and a Physician of Chinese medicine, I know that conscious alignment impacts how we heal and feel everyday. If you feel depleted, overwhelmed and overextended, it doesn't have to be that way.

Learning how to transform the ways you're currently reacting and responding in your daily life, aligns your most powerful self.

How are you moving through life?

Is it time to learn how to tune in? Instead of allowing your energy to be pushed and pulled by everyone and everything else?

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Mam Smith
“Maria was able to see what was going on with me even when several western MD's could not figure it out. She took me, an absolute mess and was able to start me on my way to a healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone."   

Brooke Geer Persón | Glendale, CA    

Healers Studio 12-month live master class + online program

A studio for Energy Healers, Intuitive Coaches & Bodyworkers who want to elevate their own energy & personal cultivation.

A 12-month program grounded in medical Qigong heart & mind practices that clear, protect & fortify the physical & energetic system of the practitioner.

"Maria, you are the best in holding sacred space for others and providing them with all the information and support they need - whether it's one-to-one or in a group. I'm loving this studio!" ~ Karen Wayne | Los Angeles

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“My experience was excellent and I would highly recommend Maria. Her depth of knowledge, experience and her intuitive abilities get right to the root of the issues to begin the healing process." 

Larry M., Los Angeles, CA | Business Executive

The Art Of Tuning In


 Is about inspiring a deeper connection with yourself, events and relationships, so you can move through your life from an expanded state of being.

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Logo The Art Of Tuning In

“As an artist, it’s amazing to feel resistance unlock…

I had the pleasure of working with Maria Furlano for an intensive, one–to–one week long training.  As an artist it was amazing to feel the pockets of tension and resistance, start to unlock.  From the first session with Maria, I felt empowered. I honestly wish I had an audition that day; I was centered and so fully rooted, that I knew that audition would have been purely me – nothing in my way – especially myself.  

Since my time with Maria, I continue to practice and my life continues to shift in positive ways. As an artist I am more open, confident and empowered to be myself. As a teacher, I am more human, open and I’m able to teach in a way I’ve never taught before.  My mind is not clouded, it is more precise and direct and I can see more clearly and create more of the space in my life that supports me. Thank you Dr. M.

Kirsten McKinney, Houston, TX |  Award Winning Choreographer, Master Teacher

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