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Do energy attunements work? Oct 28, 2021

"I see different spiritual teachers and practices doing energy attunements with their students. What are they and do they actually work?" Today I'm sharing insights into energy attunements, and what you may want to be aware of when learning from someone who...

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Energy Focus In Qigong Oct 12, 2021

Energy focus in Qìgōng comes from our alignment within our Tai ji pole and our connection to Earth and Universal energy.

For more information on Qigong and how I teach, please explore the following podcast episodes/post:

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Refocusing Anxiety Oct 04, 2021

Have you noticed that when you're anxious you're also exhausted? This is because anxiety, overwhelm, and stress all deplete our energy battery. It's a catch 22 because when we don't have enough energy, it becomes incredibly difficult to calm our mind and body,...

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Energetic Neutral Oct 01, 2021

"Energetic Neutrality" is something I teach my students and clients AND a way to align my own energy, especially when dealing with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fear, etc. Today I'm sharing a quick insight into this space to help shift our energy.

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Shifting Consciousness | #059 Oct 01, 2021

Shifting our consciousness is a skill that we all have as a choice to expand. When we move through different states of consciousness, what we're actually doing is learning to expand and shift our vibrational frequency... AKA vibrate in a different way. Our...

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Is doing nothing more spiritual? | #060 Sep 24, 2021

Often we can't see a 360 degree viewpoint when we're in the middle of our "stuff."  We can take action to quickly, or without being centered in what's really aligned for all involved (especially us).  We can react and respond and actually make things worse...

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Stop with the "self-care" Sep 23, 2021

I'd like to share a little something that I've faced often throughout my personal journey...

It's about honoring the self.

In the marketing world the term "self-care" has been used mostly to sell things.

But in Spiritual Cultivation we don't really use the...

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Money & Spiritual Beliefs | #056 Aug 02, 2021

Money can be a difficult area for heart centered practitioners and in this episode I'm sharing some tools that explore a different frequency around our money beliefs. If you're wanting to shift how you feel then it has to come from within.  Shifting our...

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