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Stop with the "self-care" Sep 23, 2021

I'd like to share a little something that I've faced often throughout my personal journey...

It's about honoring the self.

In the marketing world the term "self-care" has been used mostly to sell things.

But in Spiritual Cultivation we don't really use the word self-care, ...

Money & Spiritual Beliefs | #056 Aug 02, 2021

Money can be a difficult area for heart centered practitioners and in this episode I'm sharing some tools that explore a different frequency around our money beliefs. If you're wanting to shift how you feel then it has to come from within.  Shifting our blocks internally is...

How to manifest | #052 Jun 22, 2021

Many people get frustrated when they're manifesting because they make it a mental process. We can begin to look at manifesting a little differently when we understand that we're actually creating a new frequency. It becomes an integrated soul/mind/body process - and it's much more...

Is balance really necessary? May 06, 2021

This weeks live topic is that about balance:  Is balance really necessary? I recorded a more extensive podcast episode on this topic on The Art Of Tuning In Podcast #45.

Just click on your favorite app to listen to the full episode #45: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts...

Communication and Healing | #042 Mar 19, 2021

Communication and healing is needed right now and the first place we can begin is with those closest to us. Our friends, neighbors, and family connecting in new authentic ways. By being fully present in what's happening, we hold sacred space for our own healing. Beginning to speak openly...

Intuition 101 | #041 Mar 07, 2021

I got a great question from a member who asked "How do I know if I'm intuitive?" Today I'm sharing some Intuition 101 to help put some ease and fun into accessing more of the expanded guidance that's at our disposal every day. Intuition is inner wisdom with a broader view. Listen in and...

Awareness Brings Transformation | #040 Mar 03, 2021

It's sooo great when we get inspired and are able to look at something a little differently. Especially in moments when something seems out of reach. Often it's the simple things that create a breakthrough. In this new episode I'm expanding our conversation about following through with...

Letting go of the emotional charge keeping us stuck in the past | #038 Feb 13, 2021

When we talk about an emotional charge, what are we saying? Well, it's a feeling in the body, that is a response to whatever it is that you're reacting to, but also whatever it is, you're remembering. When we think about something the brain, the body, they don't know the...

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