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Energy Focus In Qigong

energy focus qigong Oct 12, 2021

Energy focus in Qìgōng comes from our alignment within our Tai ji pole and our connection to Earth and Universal energy.

For more information on Qigong and how I teach, please explore the following podcast episodes/post:

Explore my quick video about moving into the state of "energetic neutral, to ease your mind and be able to see things from a broader view.

Learning energetic practices is a wonderful way to tune in and align your energy whenever you choose. We can feel out of control in life because our energy scatters. That's not energetic alignment. 

Aligning our energy is tuning in to who we truly are and the enormous help we have from the natural world. 

I wish you continued alignment of joy, health, peace and love.


Tune in to your healing & transformation, as you reconnect to your energetic wisdom!


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