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Balancing Breath Qigong Practice with Maria Furlano

#balancing breath #breathing #overwhelm #qigong #reset #stress #tension Apr 04, 2024

A beautiful centering practice, called "Balancing Breath" is one of my favorite Qigong practices. 

This short video excerpt is from my online Studio program. Notice how quickly this simple practice brings you into alignment, calms your heart, elongates your breathing and roots your energy into the earth. 

This practice calms your nervous system and allows your body to reset so you can feel reenergized.

Use it daily to support your energy!

Much love,

Dr. Maria

Balancing Breath Qigong Practice 

Transcript Balancing Breath Qigong Practice | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


The outsides of your feet are level with your shoulders with the outsides of your shoulders going to do balancing breath. So the balancing breath is to balance your energy, you're going to gather from the earth, bring it in, inhale coming up. Be sure your knees are soft and you've dropped your tailbone. Turn the palms over a chest height and exhale coming down.

If you haven't done this before, I'm going to show you a couple of times and I'm going to ask you to close your eyes or just kind of go off in your own place, because this is very relaxing. So we're inhaling, we're gathering from the earth, inhaling up our center. Exhaling, turning the palms over, all the way down, releasing what we don't need and calming, letting our hands go to the side. Pausing for a moment, you can even take a breath if you want. And then gather again. Breathing into your belly, dropping that tailbone like you're sitting on a tall stool, and I'm going to be quiet for a moment. I'm going to keep doing it so you have something to follow. But just kind of see how you feel. Take your time and really get into your center for a moment here. You're gonna be standing on the center of your foot. So don't lean back. Make sure you're not rocking forward.


and of course, if you can't inhale that long or exhale that long, just breathe as is comfortable for you. And this is breathing all through the nose, inhale and exhaling  


and do two more times on your own and then relax and have a seat

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