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Nature is the best Qi lifter

Nature is the best Qi lifter!

, plants anxiety breathing Jul 25, 2022

As we move into a new week, here's a gentle reminder that you don't need an entire bamboo forest to be able to connect with nature and lift your Qi and your mood!

A great practice is to spend a few minutes gazing deeply at the color of a plant, noticing the magical details of the leaves and then sitting in peaceful silence as you breath with your plant(s). Allowing a few moments of calm, to not only exchange oxygen flow, but also energy flow.

You can do this at home, or in an office setting. You can even set aside time in your daily planner to give yourself this amazing energy boost!


A study from Eultenvironmenural of Built Environment & Sustainability on the Psychological And Physiological Benefits Of Plants In The Indoor Environment A Mini And In-Depth Review stated that...  

"Most studies suggest that the presence of plants is associated with positive feelings and able to enhance productivity. In addition, they also may help to promote general health such as reducing blood pressure, perceived stress, sick building syndrome, and increase pain tolerance of the patient. Moreover, plants also help in improving the indoor environment quality (IEQ), for instance, they can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), indoor ozone (O3) level, VOC, and particulate matter accumulation through bioremediation process."


A practice to soothe your nervous system

Breathing with our plants is an amazing practice to do first thing in the morning as we active our lung energy, but it can be used all day long to reset our mind and energy levels (especially when dealing with overwhelm. đź’› I wasn't joking when I said to jot down in your planner to spend time with your plants. It's an amazing tonic!

Let's not forget about the amazing blessings we have at our fingertips to support our mental, emotional & physical health.

If you're ready to tune into your energy and expand your health and intuitive gifts I'd love to be your guide inside my monthly Studio... See you soon!

In joy,

Dr. Maria

P.S. If you're needing extra support, please listen to > "Refocusing Anxiety" ep #61. I hope it supports you.

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