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States of Wonder | episode 80

fear manifesting Nov 04, 2022
States of Wonder the art of tuning in podcast episode #080

Trust is all about our ability to feel grounded, rooted and safe in our environment. If we don't feel safe and continue to see the same things repeat over and over again, it can be extremely difficult to jump into the "belief" that anything can be different. Forcing a new belief never works, but when we're able to open the flow of our creative mind so that new options are shown to us, energy will begin naturally to shift in new directions. Let's explore these new directions together in today's episode.

On a celebratory note... I also want to share that this is my 80th episode (with over 5000 downloads for the podcast!) I want to thank you for your support, without you it would have never happened đź’ś

Thank you so much for tuning in,

Dr. Maria 

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Transcript | States of Wonder episode #080

with Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

0:01 Intro - Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.


Hello, everyone. Welcome. This is Maria Furlano. Thank you for joining me on episode 80 of The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. States of Wonder is our topic today and I can't wait to jump in with you. I got a great question. I love when these questions come in, because they just help so much. And they bring up so much insight. And so I really hope that today's topic states of wonder, we'll help you if you're going through this as well, because I think a lot of people are and I know that it's something I've struggled with. And the question is really, really a good one. And I'll get into that in just one moment.


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And if you've been here for a while. Thank you. Thank you for coming back. I am so grateful for all of you who take the time to let me know that you're listening to let me know your questions. And I just really appreciate you being here.

We're in our 80th episode. And I remember when I first began, I knew I would continue and I love doing the podcast, but actually coming upon the 80th episode. Yeah, that's pretty cool. So I'm really glad to be here.


Today's question...


And let's move into today's question. Thank you so much, Arielle for sending it in. It's a good one.

"Dear Dr. Maria, I can't seem to visualize because there's a part of me that doesn't believe it. I don't mean to sound negative, but I'm losing faith. And I feel myself in fear a lot of the time."

One of the reasons why I love this question is because it's so honest. And I think a lot of people are really aware that how they think and how they feel creates the reality.

And what happens when we can't get there, when we start to lose faith, when we find ourselves not really trusting, maybe we've been disappointed, again and again. And so it can feel like we are making it up.

We are making up how we feel, we are making up that everything's gonna be okay. And you can maybe do that for a period of time. And then if your reality is not showing you, those things that you are thinking about, you can get very discouraged or there can be a part of you part of your mind, part of your being that just doesn't believe it that has never really stuck with creating through your mind long enough to see results, when I say hasn't really stuck with long enough to see the results.


Faith or fear?


When we begin to lose faith or we are living in fear, what happens is that our brain begins to just snap back to what it is that is natural for us. So if it is natural for us to be afraid, if it is natural for us to distrust. If it is natural for us to lose faith, then that is our natural state that we are used to being in. Now that doesn't mean that we want to remain in that state. It doesn't mean that we're trying to remain in that state doesn't mean that we're doing anything wrong. But it is how our brain is functioning. It's our natural habit of ourselves. It's part of our personality. It's how we move through our life.

So when we want to shift those things, sometimes I think people can try too much too quickly. They can expect too much too quickly. Because when we change our thought patterns, when we begin to create energetically we need to give ourselves time and space to do that. It is a skill and in our culture we have had now for a long time about you know, just think better, and you'll create a brand new life and you'll shift your energy and everything will just flow in and it'll be beautiful. And there is a lot to that when we shift our vibration when we move through life in a different way. We ask different questions. We receive different answers. New opportunities present themselves to us, and so we do live in a different way. That is true.


Putting up the happy stickers...


However, I always say the quality of our question dictates the quality of the answer received, when we feel like we've lost trust, or we've lost faith, and we're trying to visualize, because we've been told that we should visualize to create our life.

And although visualization and our focused intent on what it is that we want to create in our life, that we want to manifest how we want to live our life is a phenomenal tool. And it really does shift the energy, I do want to say it really does that you need that focused intent in order to shift energy.

But when you can't get there, when you're in a situation where you are losing trust, and you are losing faith, then I'd like to suggest that you do this in a different way, I'd like to suggest that you start to do the what if game, this is what I call the what if game, this is something that I have done in my life, especially in times when I have been overwhelmed with doubts and fears. And I have had a hard time getting to that place of hope when things have come in. And I've said you know what, my reality is not reflecting that it continually reflects this other thing that I don't want. I feel like all I'm doing is trying and trying and am I just being totally silly is this like not working? Am I really out of touch? And when I try to visualize or try to say something positive, you know, repeat a mantra inside, you just don't believe it. And what happens when you don't believe it inside is that is the energy you are manifesting.

So you can put all the positive stickers up you want in your life, you know, all those little note stickers that say, you know, I am happy, I make this much money, I do this. But if every time you look at that sticker, and every time you think about it, every time you try to visualize, you really don't believe it, that is the energy you're putting out. It's that simple.


So it's what we believe inside. It's what we emotionally feel, that is really creating our reality, our vision, meaning the focus of our mind, is what focuses the energy outward. It's, it's like our direction. It's like a laser beam.

When I get into spaces where I feel like I'm up against a wall, like I want something, and I want to shift something, but I just keep getting the same things and I start losing faith, I start to play the what if game, and the what if game is simply states of wonder, what if everything really was turning out for the best.


What are you tuning into?


So for example, let's take the world, let's not take a personal issue at this point, let's take everything that's going on with the world, it can be very difficult to look at everything that's going on in the world, and have absolute faith that things are going to be okay.

Because every single day, if you tune into this, you can hear something negative about something, uh, some piece of our world that is having trouble. You can also just as a reminder, find those things where people are sharing about all the positive and wonderful things that are happening in the world too. And that is part of retuning our frequency to find those things and stay out of the other that is actually feeding our fear. And a lot of it is being done on purpose.

So why does this "What if?" game that I'm going to give you in one moment here work? It works because it gets you out of your ego. It puts you into a state of wonder.

Dropping the ego...


And when we're able to drop our ego and we're able to say "what if I really have no idea what's going on?"

  • What if everything that I think about isn't actually true?
  • What if everything that I think I know? Is an act actually true?
  • What if there were different realities?
  • What if there were different pieces of information that are coming?
  • What if all of these things are happening for the greater good? What if they really were and when you put yourself in the what if state of mind, you want to do it where you really are letting go of your ego like what if I really don't know anything?

That is a beautiful state to be in. That is a very wonderful childlike state that is constantly exploring, constantly learning, constantly leaving themselves open to new information and new opportunities and new fun and new creativity.

When we get into that creative state of what if the energy in our body begins to flow in a totally different way, our brain is not being forced to look at the same thing over and over again, you know, well, I don't have this thing that I want. And so I want this thing, that is a very different energy than what if this thing I wanted, actually was going to turn into something even better?

What if? What if I can't see it right now, but it is coming? What if it really is coming?


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Do you feel the difference?


Do you hear the difference? Do you feel the difference in the what if energy, because the words don't really matter? I mean, the words help us, but it's about the feeling. And if I can have you understand that, it's about the feeling that you are radiating out into the world, it's the energy that's coming out of you. And that always has to do with your state of mind. That is your state of being. So again, if mentally, you're looking at a post it note that you put up that says, I want to make this much money, or I want a better job, or I want a slimmer body, or I want whatever it is, you look at this, post it note, on the post it note, I don't know, if you've ever found this kind of become a pain in the butt, you look at it, and it becomes a reminder of what it is that you don't have, instead of a manifesting tool. If you ever feel that energy in your body, it's time to shift that exercise up.

Because again, whatever it is you feel in your body, is what you are creating this question of I can't seem to visualize because there's a part of me, that doesn't believe it. That is so good. 12:20 Because you have to come to the truth of what you're trying to do. Is it working or not? If you're sitting there trying to visualize something new or something that you want, or you're even you're sending out a prayer, but you don't believe it, your body is telling you, you know what, whatever we're doing right now, this isn't working for me energetically, this isn't working for me emotionally, and to get honest.

So I love this question. Because it's so honest, I just don't believe it. I don't mean to sound negative, she says nobody wants to feel negative, but then I'm losing faith, and find myself in fear a lot. So this is good, because she's completely diagnosed, what's going on? Her energy is losing faith, and she can feel herself in fear that fear seems to be the dominant energy frequency that she finds herself in a lot. And she doesn't want that. So how does she shift it because what she's doing isn't working. So when that happens, what I am kindly suggesting is, first of all, be kind to yourself. Because it can take time to shift something.

Or it can be instantaneous, quite honestly, if something resonates, which I'm hoping that this will, I'm hoping that this states of wonder, and what if game shifts the energy? Instantly? You'll want to play it because this is about play and creativity. What if everything was really working out? For the better? What if I could create in my world ease and flow? What if my world could be peaceful? Could be healthy? Could be financially abundant? What if you feel that energy? What if so, I would love for you to do that with me. Say to yourself what if in a very childlike, truly wandering way, dropping the ego, letting it go? You don't know anything? We don't know anything? What if compared to I want, blah, blah, blah. If that doesn't feel true to you, then you have to tune into your heart and say, can I become more creative with this? Can I look at this in a different viewpoint?


Taking your blinders off...


Can I play the "What if?" game -  can I just explore?

The more you explore... What happens is like your blinders come off, right? You know, I think of if we're really focused on something, we can start to not see what's around us, even if what's around us might be the answer to our question, we have these blinders on because we are so intently focused on creating what it is we want, or knowing what we want, or knowing we have to get there.

But sometimes that is fueled by the fear of not having it sometimes that is fueled by if I let this go, everything's gonna fall apart. And we literally cut ourselves off that way, from higher guidance, and also, from just people coming into our life and giving us the answers and solutions that we need, or the new opportunities, we can get too focused as well.


And I want to point that out, because we can diligently do these practices of visualization and energy manifestation. But it's really great to remember that the movement of energy is fluid, that energy needs to continue to move and expand and contract and change and shift and go in all of these different directions. energy is meant to move it's not meant to be stuck or in just a straight line.

When we get into those states of wonder, and creativity, all of these new fresh ideas come in, we get those dreams that answer our questions, or give us a new path or a new or just new information that we can follow.

We get ourselves in situations where we meet new people or people who we already know who say a sentence and it resonates in our brain and we go wait a minute, I've been waiting for that. I've been waiting for that information. And then that leads to the next thing, stay in states of wonder, and you'll be able to release your ego and allow new information of more elevated frequencies to come into your life. You'll also begin to be more enthusiastic about life again.

When we can look at life in states of wonder when we start to ask the what if question in a positive way. We begin to get excited about new things we begin to open our mind to new things. We don't just stay in the same pattern over and over again. I'm so grateful.


Thank you...


Thank you Arielle, again for having us all think about this in a new way.

Please play with this play with states of wonder, play the what if game, allow yourself to become enthusiastic about life again.

Over the last two or three years, we've had so much loss, we've had a lot of confusion, and there has been so much fear pumped out into the world. It is time to take that back. It is time to go back into our hearts to create with wonder to create with love and to create with enthusiasm. Let's give ourselves that gift.

Thank you for being here and have a beautiful week. I'll see you in the next episode.

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