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Personal Coaching 

with Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

As a coach who specializes in energy management, I commonly work with people who are: 

  • Moving through emotional loss. 
  • Rebalancing for anxiety and emotional overwhelm. 
  • Learning how to create healthy boundaries professionally and personally.
  • Energy recovery from stress, overwork, depletion and/or burnout.
  • Resetting nervous system in chronic pain, anxiety, overwhelm.
  • A desire for spiritual cultivation and expanding more into your life purpose.

Having the wisdom and tools to move into a deeper relationship with our energy system, we're able to navigate challenging situations with ease and grace.

  • Are your daily reactions and responses supporting or depleting your life force?

  • Do you have healing that's needed at a deeper level than you've been able to access?

  • Are you ready to re-tune your energy into the ease and flow that energetic alignment can bring?

Single Session:

  • A 60-minute session consists of an energy coaching session and may also be used to receive a distance medical Qigong clearing session.
  • Fee for this session | $250.00 (USD)
  • Video recording is included.  All sessions are recorded and placed in your online coaching portal.


What's your next step?

Please let me know what you're needing support with and we'll schedule your single session.

Connect with me here (single session)


One-to-One Coaching Series | 7 sessions

  • Clarity and Accountability:  In this series, you will learn how to clear blocks that are keeping you stuck with tools to support your physical and mental energy.
  • We'll tune into beliefs that no longer serve who you are now, as you shift into a more loving relationship with yourself. The clearer we are within ourselves, the greater health and abundance is available to us in every area of life!
  • A lot of information is shared in each session. You receive access to a personal coaching portal, with access to session recordings. This has shown to be a touchstone in support for private clients, because it gives you the ability to immediately apply our work together into your life (wherever you are in the world).  
  • 7 sessions | $2100.00 (USD). Monthly payments available.
  • Specific for series:  The very best way to learn how I can support your journey is to reach out and have a discovery call. We'll meet over Zoom for 20-30 min. and take look at what you're most needing right now.


What's your next step?

A discovery call (20-30 min) is required for this 5 session series. 

We'll look at what you're needing right now and make sure this series is the right fit for you at this time.

Connect with me here (series discovery call)
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Energy Insights

Throughout the month I share energy insights that focus on energetic well-being, medical Qigong, meditation, raising your frequency and expanding intuition. I'd love to share them with you!

 Beginning with access to my " Root the Mind" (4 min.) guided video.

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