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Shifting Consciousness #059 The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano blog post

Shifting Consciousness | #059

anxiety consciousness overwhelm pain Oct 01, 2021

Shifting our consciousness is a skill that we all have as a choice to expand. When we move through different states of consciousness, what we're actually doing is learning to expand and shift our vibrational frequency... AKA vibrate in a different way. Our personal frequency is so important when looking at the world from an expanded view, because each person vibrates layers of their personal energy out into the world. There may be a part of you that feels you can't experience a new frequency, or you feel really uncomfortable when you start to shift things in your life and this is because we can get stuck in what feels "normal" to us.  Join me in exploring how to re-center scattered energy and begin to align our consciousness in more supportive ways.

Episode #059 Transcript:

Hello, everyone, welcome. This is Maria Furlano. Great to have you here.

This week, we're going to talk about shifting our consciousness.

And we're going to talk about how we move from anxiety and overwhelm, and all of these kind of frazzled states, what's going on with that, and how we can begin to shift ourselves more easily and more often into a state that is flowing and allowing for ease actually, to happen into our life.

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Let's talk about shifting our consciousness.

When we talk about consciousness...

When we talk about consciousness, we're talking about shifting our state in one form to another. If you're feeling overwhelmed, if you're feeling anxious, if you're feeling tired, if you're feeling like you're stuck those states of consciousness, cause you to react and respond and move through your life in a certain way. That makes sense, that's consciousness, or consciousness is also what we see in the world, what we're able to see. So when we learn to expand our consciousness, we actually learn how to see the world differently.

And right now, as we're moving through these very difficult to some times and exciting to some other people, times of being we are seeing life in the way that we have learned to see it. So our consciousness is seeing life, from the viewpoint from the vantage point that we have basically been trained to see it from the moment that we were born. This is really important to understand. Because when we want to shift anything in our life, especially our consciousness, we have to see where we've been looking from, so that we can see a new place that we want to look towards.

When we want to shift consciousness, it can be kind of scary to people people can think, I don't know what that means. Am I gonna think totally differently is my life going to change and yes, your life is going to change. But it shouldn't be scary because our consciousness completely in control of what it is we decided to be. If we want to see life from a new view, and we're open to seeing that we will. And if we don't, we absolutely can stay completely stuck in the same place that we have always been. And I don't mean that in a mean or a negative way. But we choose to stay stuck or we choose to move forward or we choose to expand. And a lot of times what people end up doing is they think they should be expanding faster than they are and that's absolutely not true because it takes time to shift and realign our life and we don't want it to be instantaneous because there are so many beautiful things to clear and move through and also receive.

When we move through different states of consciousness, what we're doing is we're actually learning to expand and shift our vibrational frequency. What that means is that we're learning to vibrate in a different way. And when we vibrate in a different way, we attract to us different things. So if, for example, we're dealing with a lot of anxiety in our life, we're vibrating to that state of anxiety. And again, that's not a criticism. That's just where our energy where energetic frequency is, at that point in our life, if we're dealing with chronic pain in our body, that is our frequency.

Again, not a criticism at all, it's something that you may be physically dealing with, it's a real thing that you're dealing with. But still, that is a frequency. And there's a different frequency, for example, of ease and flow and relaxation and being pain free. That is a different vibrational frequency. So of course, if you are in pain, your goal, of course, is to move to the pain free frequency. And it's moving through those different states to get to the pain free frequency that a lot of people get really stuck on. Because it, it seems so difficult. And when you're in pain, like I know that I have been in my life, physically, I've had some major injuries in my life, you're really exhausted. And when you're anxious, you're really exhausted, you're physically exhausted, you're mentally exhausted, you're emotionally exhausted. And so to think that you can shift can be a difficult thing, I also want to bring up that when you're angry when you're in an angry state, that's also a frequency and that frequency vibrates into the world as levels of energy.

And when we want to change those levels of energy, it's really important to understand that we have to take responsibility for how we're feeling first. That is simply saying I'm in this frequency. I would like to change this frequency, I would like to feel differently, I'm not comfortable anymore. being anxious, being in pain, being angry, being worried being fearful, I would like to experience a different vibrational state. That really is the first step, the biggest issue that people have is there's a part of them that doesn't necessarily believe that they can experience a different vibrational state, or a different frequency or move out of how they feel or where they are, because they're so used to being in that density. So they're in this certain frequency, they're in this certain dense energy. And they're so used to being there, that it just feels strange to move into something else. And I know that that really sounds odd. Because if for example, you're in pain, of course, you'd want to move out of pain, if you are anxious or scared or worried all the time, you would want to shift those states because they're extremely uncomfortable. And they're more than likely blocking every good possibility that could come to you and your life. But we still get stuck, we get stuck in what we are used to what feels normal.

And we've surrounded ourselves in our life, generally, with people and situations, and places that also have those levels of frequency, either in some way. And so we're all feeding off of our environments. And so a lot has to shift and change when we want to create a different frequency. It's just good to know that there's a lot of people out in the world who are just simply saying, do this, do that. And you'll have you know, this magic potion. It's not necessarily like that it does take a little work to shift and change things. But it's completely possible. And I think what happens is that it happens a lot faster than what people think.

And when they do make that decision to shift and change. And they start the movement forward. They start to feel the difference immediately and then they get scared and then they back off because again it goes back to when we change our state when we shift our Consciousness, it feels a little odd, it feels different than what we're used to feeling. And so we pull back, we don't understand it. And this is why, of course, if you have someone to help you, if you have a guide, if you're working with a coach, if you're working with a healer, they really help catch those things of when you're going through something that you don't have those excuses. So that you can pull back, they really catch you and keep you honest. But you can do this for yourself as well. You really have to commit to that space in you where you're willing to, for example, journal every day and say, This is what I'm feeling. I'm feeling this new state, but I'm also feeling myself pull out of it, wanna pull out of it, I feel these fears come up. This feels uncomfortable.

Go through those questions. Why does feeling better, feel uncomfortable to you? It's okay. It's all okay. Don't beat yourself up. But it's very true that a lot of times when we start to move into states that actually elevate our vibration that actually expand our viewpoint, when we start to see things differently in life, and we realize that maybe everything that we've been taught or told or thought before, isn't exactly how it is, or you start to really see things really differently. It's okay, if you get nervous, it's okay, if you get a little scared, and it's okay if you hesitate, because you want to question things. But just understand that there's a difference between questioning and blocking yourself. And in past episodes, I've talked about energetic sabotage.

And this, of course, is what this means that we start to sabotage ourselves by shifting back our frequency, our vibrational state, our consciousness, to a place of what it was before, instead of where it really wants to go, or where it really can go. So that new and wonderful things can enter our life. When we shift those states or those frequencies, we're going to notice changes in our body, we're going to notice that we're more relaxed, we're going to notice that we see and hear people differently, we're going to notice that we may see light differently. Sometimes things move slower in our life, meaning that as we watch life, we're seeing more detail in life. As we expand our frequency. As we shift our frequency, all of those little details begin to change. And they can become mesmerizing, actually. And what's most important is knowing what we truly want. In the last episode I talked about, when we become clear about what's really important in our life, everything in our life shifts, and there's so much right now in the world that is crumbling, with literally crumbling. So if we're not in tune with how we're feeling, then it's going to become harder and harder to deal with the crumbling and the shifts and changes that are happening all around us. Because we have to have solid ground to stand on.

When we deal with anxiety, or pain, or worry or fear. All of those emotions bring us out of our body. And if we want to really support our consciousness and support our frequency and support our energy, it's really important that we're actually in our bodies, and that we're actually connecting into the earth and extending our energy to the universe to divine, that we are actually this alignment of energy, so that we're able to channel through us supportive energy at a super high frequency that supports our energetic system.

When we become disconnected through all of these emotions that overtake us, what happens is that we sever that connection between our groundedness and between our extended consciousness to divine and we lose our ability to connect not only with ourselves, but we also lose our ability to connect with the planet, and with the consciousness of all of the people that are here.

There are all kinds of frequencies that are going on in the world, but they're scattered. So for example, if you're feeling overwhelmed, or you're feeling anxious, a lot of those go together. Whether your frequency is outside of your center, your frequency is thinking about everything that is probably wrong, or that is causing you anxiety, or that is overwhelming, and it's very scattered and very frazzled. In order for you to shift that actual frequency to shift your consciousness, you may want to try to stop and breathe and actually picture taking all of this frazzled, scattered energy that is surrounding you in your fields of energy, and you have fields of energy that surrounds your body, and taking all of that frazzled energy, and bringing it back into one solid form, all connected, all supported, full of light, and bring it back inside your body into your center as you ground into the earth. And as you extend into divine into the universe, into your belief system, experiment with taking energy that is scattered, and bringing it back into solid form and connecting it into your body, we are so much out of ourselves all of the time looking seeking. And it's really important to be able to bring it back into ourselves.

When we want to shift our consciousness, it's a completely inside job it happens internally.

Something else I'd love to explore this week in looking at our consciousness and our frequency is how does your energy shift and change and specifically, how does your frequency drop, when you read, listen or watch certain information, whether it's the news, certain movies, certain music, podcasts, television shows, papers, pictures, whatever it is, there's no judgment, we're just looking at does your frequency does your energy does your consciousness drop, and you will feel it, you'll feel it in your body, all of a sudden, you'll, you'll be in this certain state, and you'll understand you'll learn something, you'll expose yourself to a piece of information and your consciousness, your frequency will literally drop. And generally what is happening is that it drops into a state of fear, it drops into a state of of anger, it drops into a state of depression or sadness, or overwhelm, or confusion. And when we do that on a daily basis, it's like taking our energy and frazzling it, it's taking this flowing bit of energy that we have, and pulling it in pieces.

Doing that on a regular basis is very damaging to our health, because we're never creating a strong line of energy that we're able to cultivate and build. We're constantly pulling it apart. So if you're experiencing drops in your energy, if you're experiencing a lot of emotional shifts and changes ups and downs of energy, there's so much in the world right now that is being released information wise, and a lot of it we have no control over. And so being able to look in our life, what we do have control over what we should put our energy into. And what we shouldn't put our energy into is really important in managing our consciousness, our consciousness is a frequency.

And if we can remember that, and we've learned that we are able completely able to decide where we want to hold our frequency, our life really will flow in very different ways. Also, our bodies will feel better. And when we have the energy in our body because we feel better, we're able to create action in our life that is so much more aligned.

Have a beautiful week, everybody and I'll see you very soon.

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