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The Power of Silence? | ep. 89

intuition intuitive guidance meditation Feb 27, 2024
Most people just want to really be able to get some answers when they need it from a place within themselves, that I call the wisdom self, that all knowing self and want to be able to tap into a greater wisdom, then they can feel in the moment when especially when they're feeling stressed, especially when they're feeling overwhelmed or they're scared or they're tired. And that is especially where understanding about shifting your frequency. And shifting your state of being is so important. Because when you are overwhelmed when you are stressed when you are scared when you are tired, it is very difficult to access the level of energy that you really need to tap into those true answers.

Transcript "The Power of Silence" Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

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Hello, everyone. Welcome. Welcome to The Art Of tuning In Podcast. I'm Maria Furlano. It's great to have you here. This is episode number 89. And we're talking about the power of silence. But we are talking about the power of silence in relationship to moving into your intuitive gifts and why it's so important, and that it's actually not about the silence. It's about the frequency that you move into, and why that silence that frequency is so incredibly different from the thoughts and the words that are going on in our mind. So I can't wait to dive in with you today. Thank you so much for being here. If you're new here, welcome. Thank you for finding me, it's great to have you here. I'm Maria Furlano. I am a physician of Chinese Medicine. I'm a Doctor of Medical Qigong. And I'm also a spiritual medium. I've been teaching the energetic arts about 30 years now. And I love it. I help people step into their spiritual and intuitive gifts and I work with amazing people. If you want to learn more, go to And if you have not signed up yet, for my free, weekly live guided meditation offering, it happens every Tuesday, they are recorded, you get to look back and play with them. It's called Holding Space, go to thearto and look for Holding space and sign up. It would be great to see you or see you back in the live recordings.


And if you have been here for a while, thank you for coming back. Thank you for being here. I appreciate you so much.

So the power of silence and why is important with frequency. We have talked so many times in this podcast about frequency. That is what I teach I teach people about frequency how to move into different frequencies. And what does that really mean? Well, a frequency is just changing your state. When you move into a different frequency, you move into a different way of being the state of your emotional system, your mental system, your physical flow in your body, it all changes. And so we change our state, we do that by shifting our frequency. And sometimes when people want to work on their intuition, they don't know how to move into that place where they can access their intuition. And other intuition is a knowing it can be a feeling it can be a sense, it can be Smell Taste, right it can be you can hear it, it can be audio, there's all kinds of different intuitive senses that we tune into.

But most people just want to really be able to get some answers when they need it from a place within themselves, that I call the wisdom self, that all knowing self and want to be able to tap into a greater wisdom, then they can feel in the moment when especially when they're feeling stressed, especially when they're feeling overwhelmed or they're scared or they're tired. And that is especially where understanding about shifting your frequency. And shifting your state of being is so important. Because when you are overwhelmed when you are stressed when you are scared when you are tired, it is very difficult to access the level of energy that you really need to tap into those true answers.


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Typically, when we're stressed when we're overwhelmed when we're in this emotional place, our nervous system is just running, running, running, running, our brain is just running, running, running all of these patterns that we have in our life. They're just running, running, running. And we're really not able to see anything new. It's like we have blinders on. And we just can only see in front of us because we're just trying to survive. And that is not allowing ourselves to expand into a broader state elevate our frequency and tap into a frequency that has answers for us.

And so what does it mean to elevate your frequency?

Well, elevating your frequency people talk about that all the time, right elevate your frequency raise your frequency, but we work with energies that are of a very high vibrational nature may call them the angelic realm. You might call it God you may call it divine your guides, just your wisdom self this space of you. That is all knowing the frequency of those elements are very fast Very light. And we are here in this world, in a very dense vibration, we have a dense physical body, we have dense pieces of furniture around us we are in gravity, we are living in a very hands on the physical environment. And that is a very different frequency than the very light, fast moving vibration, of divine light of spirit of the angelic realm.

So if you can just picture that if you can understand the actual physical density difference, then that helps us to understand that we need to relax and allow allow our energy to expand and move into a higher frequency. So that we may meet that higher frequency of divine because it's not going to come down to us, we need to meet it. And as we meet it, we touch. So there is the element of shifting frequency shifting your state in order to move into a different place. silence when we go back to the power of silence is very difficult for people, people say, I just can't seem to calm my mind. Especially going to sleep, even when waking up. I can't calm my mind, my mind is running all the time. And that's true.

You know, your mind is like a computer. It's constantly calculating things. It's constantly taking in information, giving out information, figuring out what to do, keeping you safe, and it's moving and moving and moving. And that's its job it is trying to protect you. It is keeping you moving forward in life. It's running on all the patterns that you grew up with. It's running on just energy of movement. And when we ask that to stop, when we say we're going to be still now we're going to be quiet. It takes practice.

And especially when we move into stillness, there is a peace of surrender, there is a peace of letting go. And the brain that is constantly active and ready to protect us ready to find the answers for us ready to ask new questions may not always be comfortable with the surrender and letting go. And sometimes what happens is that people begin to meditate or do Qigong practices like with what I teach, because Qigong is a very meditative moving art. And so you can go into the exact same kind of stillness that you receive in meditation when you're doing Qigong.

So as you're moving through these pieces of relaxation, your mind needs time to adjust your mind, even though you can internally in your heart be craving quiet. You could really say I need peace, I need quiet I need to learn to do this, I need to tune in your mind is saying,

"Excuse me, what's going on? Where are we supposed to be doing something? What about that list I have to make? What about that other thing I need to do? What's going on? What are we doing? Why are nobody speaking, hey, hello there?"

And it starts to get even more active for many people, when you start to be quiet. And it is extremely frustrating. So you have to be kind. And you have to understand that your mind is learning. It's trying to keep you safe, it's learning to be quiet. And that sense of surrendering, is not comfortable to the mind all the time.

So we learn to talk to the mind. And if you're a student of mine, or client of mine, you'll know that many times I teach people to talk not only to their own body, but I'll often talk to their body as I'm working with them. Because I want you to be able to talk to your mind and be able to calm it down. Our mind is part of us it is who we are. It's a piece of us, but we can speak to our whole being or we can speak to pieces of our body. And sometimes we need to speak to pieces and parts of our body to help it integrate with the whole. So as you're going into a quiet time, whether it's meditation, or you just want to sit and you just want to try to be quiet. You want to try this power of silence. You may want to say to your mind, hello mind. 9:56 And this is what I do and people who work with me they know Oh, this, this is kind of a joke between us. Sometimes I'll do it out loud. And sometimes I will do it quietly, internally, right with no voice.

And I'll say, Hello, mind. I know you have a lot of things that we want to do. But let's rest right now. Let's just listen to the trees or let's just listen to nothing. And I breathe. And what's happening is that there's a part of my mind and my heart that works together, to gently begin to train and tame the part of my mind that wants to go, go, go, go, go.

Now, I'm a teacher. I'm a learner. I love asking questions. I love seeking out things. I'm like a little detective, I like learning. So it's not easy. It's never been easy for me to be quiet. And I literally need to on a daily basis, remind myself time to be quiet now, time to listen. And some days, I'll admit, yes, it's much easier. And other days. It's like, I've never done this before. So I say that to you. Because I want you to be patient with yourself. And I want you to know that it is something that requires practice. It's not something in our world that is really encouraged, right to be silent. We have everything that distracts us from social media, television, everything, right. It's just there's a distraction, distraction, distraction. And so now we're asking everything to, but the power of being able to be silent, to be able to surrender into peace into your own internal peace.

The power of that means through practice, you will have the ability to shift your frequency, shift your state of being, to be able to tune into yourself and to listen to a much wiser space of information that's there for you. Because when you get rid of all the noise, and you get rid of all the little lists you have to do and all the little things that you need to take care of, and all the little worries and the fears and the overwhelm that you have, you then move into a space that's truly you, you move into a space your souls space. And you can have this broad sense of understanding that you can't have when you're stressed when you're worried or when you're just busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.

So you don't have to be stressed and worried and overwhelmed and fearful and all that stuff. You can just be someone who's busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, like everything has to be done. Everything needs to be fixed. Everything needs to be accomplished. It's just you never stop, never stop, never stop. That never stopping puts a set of blinders on us where we don't see a broad view we just see right in front of us. And we're basically just trying to keep up with ourselves. That's not only exhausting to our energy, it's very draining. But we never get a fresh perspective, like we do when we're able to step in and be silent. So another key to this that can often be frustrating to a lot of people is when you step into silence, you can't expect anything. If you begin to move into a space of peace, move into that meditative place, calm your mind. And you move into a state where you think well, okay, I'm going to be quiet. I'm going to go into peacefulness. And I'm going to have amazing answers come in, and I'm going to have this amazing enlightenment and there's going to be everything's going to be solved.

And I'm exaggerating a little bit there. But I've had many people say to me, Well, I am being quiet and I am moving into meditation, I am moving into peace and nothing happens. This is the power of nothing happening. First of all, you're training your body to move into a different frequency, like we said, which means that you have power over how you feel. You can be stressed and moving fast. And you in any moment with practice. I know that there is practice that's needed. But in any moment, you can train yourself at will to move into a different state to move into this aligns peaceful state with an expanded view. And that's the first real benefit.

The second benefit is that When you move into that aligned state, eventually, and for some people, it's very quickly, but eventually you do begin to elevate your vibration, you start to move in a different way, frequency wise, you start to vibrate in a different way, your energy is radiating and moving in a different way. And you begin to be able to connect with frequencies that also are elevated and vibrate in the most divine loving way. And they have a whole different set of wisdom to share with you.


The third reason why it's so important to move into silence is because you give your brain a break, your brain is an organ, just like your heart is an organ, your liver is an organ, right? And all of your organs, they take energy to work, there's blood moving through it, there's energy moving through it, there's cells being born, and cells dying away, and it's constantly going. So it's like it's running a marathon constantly, constantly, constantly. And the only time your brain rests, or even your heart also rests is when you move into this peaceful place. And it never turns off your brain, of course, right, just like your heart is always going.

But we can change the speed of how it's working, we can change the output output output to more of a restorative state, a more balanced state. So you begin to nourish yourself differently. Have you ever tried to go into a very peaceful state, and perhaps you took a nap. And when you woke up from that wonderful nap, your eyes were brighter, your face was more relaxed, your forehead was a lot more relaxed, your body was more relaxed, and you felt this, this life in you again. And that's the power of silence. When you move into silence, you recharge your body.


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So beyond the fact of being able to tune in and being able to access a broader knowing of wisdom and intuition. You recharge your body, and is one of the healthiest and most needed things that we need to do. Because as we continue to go and go and go, we use more and more energy, and the more and more energy that we use, it becomes harder to replenish that energy. Because we've used so much energy that now we need so much more energy to replenish ourselves that it becomes more work. If we learn on a regular basis to give energy and then replenish our energy life becomes much more full. Because we have more vitality, we have more energy on a daily basis.


So what is this topic bring up for you? I'd love to know do you quiet your mind? Do you do it once a day? Do you do it several days? Is it easy for you? Is it difficult for you? I'd love for you to share with me in the comments. And by the way, if you're listening to this podcast on your favorite podcast app, that's awesome. But please know that I'm also on YouTube@Maria Furlano. So it would love to see you over there. Please say hello. Ask your questions. Let me know what you'd like me to share. Do you have questions? Do you have specific topics you're interested in? I always love to know what it is you need.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I am just so blessed to be able to be in this space with you. Come on over to the art of tuning Join holding space. It's free. Let's meet together every week. Let's practice together every week moving into this beautiful, beautiful silent space. Have a beautiful day, beautiful afternoon or evening whenever you're listening to this and I will see you in the next episode.

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