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Taking in vs taking on information

anxiety anxious exhaustion overhwelm Nov 03, 2021
Taking in vs taking on information episode 63 The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano

If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritable or exhausted, you may be "taking on" the information being share with you.   The information that we take into our body creates a state of being. How we feel influences how chemicals move through our body, and a great question to ask ourselves for mental and emotional health is... Can I listen and learn, without stressing out my energy system? 


Intro - Welcome to the Art of tuning in podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.


Hello, welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. I'm Maria Furlano, welcome to Episode 63. And the topic of this episode, I've titled it "Taking In versus Taking On." I'm going to talk about all of the information that comes to us and that there's a difference between really listening intelligently, or actually taking on that energy into our body where it can cause some distress.


And I want to thank you so much for joining me today, if you're new here, welcome. I'm Maria Furlano. And I'm a physician of Chinese Medicine, a doctor with Medical Qigong and a spiritual intuitive. And I teach people how to really tune into their own energy, I work with anxiety and overwhelm and helping people also expand their access to their own spiritual intuitive nature. So I welcome you to the show. And if you've been listening here for a while, you know, I appreciate you so much. Thank you for joining me, again. If you are dealing with overwhelm right now, if you're dealing with stress, if you're dealing with anxiety, or maybe you're feeling good, but you just want to continue to learn how to tune in a little deeper, please go to And you can get free access to join me in a four minute guided practice that you can use any time to ease anxiety and calm your mind and just re-tune yourself. And so I invite you to get access to that, I hope it supports you. And I'll put the link in the show notes.

Taking IN vs Taking ON information...


So let me share a little bit now about the difference of taking in energy versus taking on energy. And as you know, from various episodes that I've done, I do work privately with a lot of people who have anxiety and overwhelm and chronic pain. And what we take into our body, meaning the information that we actually take into our body creates a state of being, it creates how we feel, it creates how chemicals move through our body. And when we have all of this information in the world coming at us. And of course, we've always had information, you know, in the past almost two years now, I can't believe it. But we're getting close to two years of a real different state of the world and different information and new things. And some people are getting very used to it, some people are doing okay, other people have started to kind of numb out which I've talked about before, which isn't necessarily what we want, we don't want to numb out we want to just be able to flow.

But we take in an incredible amount of information that is being given to us through of course, our news through educational channels, through our friends and our family. And it's great, it's great to learn and it's great to grow and understand, I completely believe in learning. But when we get to a point where so much information is being given to us, and it's not always very positive, that has a vibration to it. And you know, I'm always talking about vibration and frequency. And if we can listen in a neutral place and just take that information and say, Okay, well, that's good information, I'm gonna learn from that, or I don't feel aligned with that I'm not gonna listen to that information. And if we can be like that, where we know what's aligned for us what isn't aligned for us. But we want to learn more about what we don't want to learn more about when we can keep that state of energetic neutral, as I've stated in other podcasts as well.

A state of alignment...


Energetic neutral is a state of being where we're able to be aligned with who we are, we're able to be grounded into the earth, we're able to access the energy of the universe. And we're in a state of alignment. That is not a state where emotions are running the show.

We're in a state of energetic neutrality, meaning that we're able to receive and give in a very fluid way, without being emotionally pulled one way or the other.

So it gives us a very clear view. And it allows us to receive intuitive information in a way that we can't do if we are overwhelmed, anxious, overly emotional and feeling out of control with those emotions. So that's why energetic neutrality and learning to be in that state is not about not feeling, it's not about not having emotions, but it's just about being in an aligned state of supported, but it's just about being in an aligned state where you're able to receive information without it throwing you off kilter.

What are you taking into your energy system?


And that's what I'm talking about are you taking in information? Meaning are you listening and learning? Or are you taking on information? And what that means is, are you taking on the vibration of the emotion that that information is basically pushing at you are throwing at you? Are you taking that into your body?


So if you're, for example, listening to scary stuff, you know, to information that scares you, or that really is very, very unpleasant... Are you able to listen to it in a neutral, energetic state and learn from it? Or are you starting to have that energy seep into you?


And that is where I think we have to be very careful, because a lot of people right now are being thrown emotionally, because they just can't handle all of the information that they are being exposed to all the time. And, of course, this is why it's really great to limit the amount of information. But I have people who have said to me, "Well, you know, Maria, I need to watch the news. But I still need to know what's going on in the world." And I completely understand that I like to keep up with with what's going on in the world too. But we need to still be careful. Because if you're able to listen, you're able to learn, and you're able to keep your well-being about yourself, then that's okay. But if the information is instilling in you lots of highs and lows of emotion, then you are putting your nervous system through unnecessary emotional imbalance.


And so I want to talk about how we can catch ourselves doing this. And I also want to just mention, before I get into that is all of the different ways that we may be doing this. So I was talking about the news, because the news is so common. And a lot of people you know, have mentioned and keep mentioning how chaotic the news is and how they're trying to find different streams of educational news that really educates them instead of just you know, provokes them and, and has them do this emotional roller coaster.


But also want to point out to all of the wonderful people out there who listened to astrology. Now, I love astrology, you've heard me say that on other podcasts. I'm not an astrology expert by any means. But I love listening to the people that I listened to, I think they're excellent and they have great information to share. And I always find it interesting how accurate the astrology is with so many of the aspects that are going on in the world. So I want to bring this up because right now with the astrology that is being presented, a lot of what I'm hearing astrologers say is that this is a very intense time, that there's going to be a great amount of intensity these next two weeks, and some say even for the next six months. And I found myself when I was listening to the astrology, getting a little bit pulled into the worry of that word intensity, what does that mean? And I would listen and then I would listen to is another astrologer. And again, finding it fascinating, but hearing about how intense it's going to be, I started to begin to feel that in my body, now nothing has happened yet my life is flowing along right now, which is wonderful. But hearing that I start to bring that intensity vibration into my body.

So what's the difference?

So of course, if I'm listening, and I'm learning, and I'm hearing good educational information, which was also being shared by the astrologers, absolutely, you know preparation, taking good care of ourselves, understanding other people may be reacting and responding in different ways. Don't take it personally, you know, keep ourselves aligned, all of those wonderful things. Now that is taking in the information that is really helpful. It's great reminders, just like everything we do here, reminding ourselves to stay aligned.

But when we take on a frequency of information, that is where we start to feel the emotions in our body. It's when we start to feel either joy, or sadness or scariness you know, or fear or confusion or worry or overwhelm. All of those are taking on emotions. And if you're taking on the energy, the frequency of joy, that's wonderful, that feels great. And that elevates your frequency.


But if you begin to take on the information that is being presented to you, and you start to take it on, and it begins to enter your field, your energy field and then enter your body, and you start to feel uneasy, or you start to feel overly worried, you start to feel tense in your body, your stomach might start to feel tight, you may start to fight with people close to you? These things happen, because you're taking in a vibration of energy that is not settled in you, you don't feel good about it, that's vibration of energy is trying actually to get out, it doesn't sit well in your body, and you will naturally begin to do things.

And that's why I said maybe fight with people around you or get irritated. Because your system is trying to expel that tension that fear that emotion, that doesn't feel good. So the best thing to do is to catch it right away.

Getting dumped on...


So if you're listening to something now, if someone's talking to you, if a friend is talking to you, this is the same thing. Just because we have loved ones in our life doesn't mean we have to sit and listen to them, if they are sending energy to us, through their own fears, their own confusion, if they are dumping that on us... There's a difference between being supportive of someone and being there as their friend being there as their partner, and listening. And again, moving into that neutral state that energetic neutrality is the best way to go. But sometimes we just can't, and sometimes someone is taking out their emotions on us.


And I just want to remind us all that it's okay to say, hey, you know what, "let's stop talking for now. And when we're both in a better place, let's come back and have this conversation again."

If you're exhausted...


Because a lot of what's happening now is people are so used to reacting and responding or shutting down. And I've said before, you know, numbing out - numbing out is a part of shutting down. And we're trying so hard to communicate with each other. But we're really not necessarily listening. And it's because we're exhausted.

Many of us are exhausted physically. Many of us are exhausted emotionally, there's a lot of pain going on in the world. And we're just not tuned into ourselves enough. And so it's very hard to be tuned into each other.

So it's okay to say, "Can we pause this conversation? And can we come back and speak again, when we both rebalance ourselves a little bit?" Or however you would like to say that information.

As you know, of course, it's okay to turn the TV off, it's okay to turn off a podcast, it's okay to turn off an astrology show and come back to it or switch to something else that you prefer. You don't have to finish everything, you don't have to listen to things that don't feel good to you.

Your body let's you know when you're in alignment...


And your body is telling you when you are in alignment. And when you're not in alignment, and especially with news, with information of all kinds. There's this fine line between having information and information that you receive that you absolutely can do nothing about.

If you're taking in and taking on information that you can't do anything about, and it's really bothering you, or it's causing you to stress, you may want to step back and look at the value of that time that you're spending taking in taking on that information and is it worth it to you.


You may do a far better energy positivity for the planet simply by taking a walk instead of listening to add information, simply by doing a gratitude prayer, simply by writing in your journal, all the things you love, simply by helping out your neighbor, by helping out a friend, being very present in your own life and what it is you need to do.


It's so wonderful that we have all of this information around the world. And we have access to all of this information. But from what I've been noticing and sometimes how I feel too and some things that people have also shared with me is that having all that information is wonderful, but it can also make you feel even more separate more distant and more out of control because there's nothing that you can do about that information that's being shared with you.


And so if it starts to feel disempowering, if you start to feel disempowered by the information you're receiving, just understand that it's okay to step back, it's okay to take good care of yourself. And it's okay to really recognize is this setting me on an emotional roller coaster.

Emotional roller coaster...


So emotional roller coaster sounds very dramatic. But when I say that, what I see his information coming into the body and the body trying to manage it, and all of this movement in the body with the emotional energy, and then more information comes in, and now it has to manage that energy. So it is like a roller coaster, it's rolling and moving around and trying to find the balance. And a lot of times, what we need is to step back and really be quiet.

When I stop pushing...


There's something that I have done recently is I got myself a pair of earplugs. And what I do is during my day when I'm feeling overwhelmed, or especially when I'm feeling like I'm pushing myself too much, and when I feel like I'm pushing myself too much, that's when I start to feel overwhelmed. And so I'm doing something new, where I stop, and I put in my earplugs, and I stand or I sit and I really tune into my breath. And the reason that I'm doing this, as I'm changing a pattern in myself, I'm taking a step to catch myself when I'm pushing.


So when I push, I tend to be tired and instead of stopping, I will keep going and saying oh, I need to get this done. Let me just finish this one last thing. And then of course, you make a lot of mistakes, right, because you're tired. So instead of repeating this pattern, and then taking you know, not feeling well laid her, I am putting in my earplugs, which, of course makes everything go quiet. So I don't have any excuses. And I'm tuning into my breath and I'm just pausing, listening to myself closing the world out. And I'm pausing. And just doing that alone actually will give you an energy boost, because you're restoring your energy, you're taking a moment of rest, which is really important. And when I do that, what I found is I will step back into what's really important to me.


And that's what I'm suggesting that maybe we all do with all of this information that's coming at us all the time. Like I said, great to listen, great to be educated. But understand if you're pushing through it, understand if you're pushing to hear one more thing, pay attention, if you're listening to information on the news, or astrology or from a friend, or from a partner, or any kind of information, especially if it's challenging information, check in with yourself, and are you listening to that information when you're most tired? 18:06 If you notice that news tends to come right around dinner time, and then after dinner time, which is digestion time. These affect how we process our food, how we process our nourishment, how we relax in our bodies, the same thing with very first thing in the morning... Listening to information that isn't positive, or that is stressful, or that's fearful, puts our body in a certain alignment immediately.


So I'm just suggesting that we take a look at this individually. As we take care of ourselves individually, it's so much easier to be present in our own life and then take care of anything that's immediate to us.


The biggest difference that we can make in life is to take care of ourselves, and then help to support the people who are immediate in our life. If every person did that, the world would be supported.


So this is why I say sometimes all of this information that's flooding in if we can't do anything about it, and you start to feel a bit hopeless, or confused, or out of balance or fearful, the best thing to do is to tune into your immediate self (the earplugs), or putting on a happy song or going and taking a shower and allowing yourself to be with yourself to regulate your own energy and then into your life, into person who you love, or an animal or project that you're doing. Something that is immediately present and positive in your life puts you back in control of your immediate life, puts you in alignment with a forward motion in your immediate life.

Fractured energy...


We can get so distracted our actual energy can get pushed and pulled in all of these directions, like it's fractured energy with all of this information that's coming in.


So just a little insight today to pay attention to what are you taking in? What's the information you're receiving? And what are you taking on? What is your body, your emotions, your energy system actually taking on actually feeling through all of the information that's coming at you? And if it doesn't feel that great, step back, tune into yourself, and remember that you do have the choice to turn it off, which is a beautiful blessing that we should never take for granted.


I wish you a beautiful day, a beautiful week and I thank you so much for tuning in. I will see you in the next episode.


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