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Stop with the self care blog post image by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Stop with the "self-care"

cultivation honor self-care spiritual Sep 23, 2021

I'd like to share a little something that I've faced often throughout my personal journey...

It's about honoring the self.

In the marketing world the term "self-care" has been used mostly to sell things.

But in Spiritual Cultivation we don't really use the word self-care, instead our focus is always Honoring of Self.

This is a very, very different frequency and it has nothing to do with "products that can bring us peace."

It's about going within and truly "being with" oneself.

As a culture we've done just about everything to avoid being with ourself. We have distraction on top of distraction. And when we have space and time, we've learned with great talent to fill it up immediately.

But I think it's really important to understand the honoring of your energy.

And if you're not taking the time to do that for yourself consistently (whether it be quiet stillness, a walk that nourishes you, journaling, stretching, creating something, Qigong (or other movement practices), meditation, laughing, praying, etc, etc. etc. - whatever allows you to tune in to your TRUE / REAL wisdom self...

I'd like you to explore the possibility that it has much less to do with not having enough time, but instead having to do with your unwillingness (at this time) to honor being fully present with yourself.

Hold on please, I know that might sound a little harsh...

Our culture has not well supported people taking the time to go within and there's a reason for this. 

Much of the resistance you may feel about focusing on "Honoring of Self," has been engrained in us over thousands of years to keep us from fully expanding into our most enlightened selves. When you have enlightened beings, you can't control them.

When you honor your energy, your energy becomes whole.

It becomes aligned and is not easily pushed and pulled by everyone else and you really do see the world (and every situation in your personal life) from a 360 degree vantage point, instead of at ground level.

This is the art of tuning in.

Just some energy for thought....

Much, much love,

Dr. Maria

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