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Money & Spiritual Beliefs #056 The Art of tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano

Money & Spiritual Beliefs | #056

abundance money prosperity spiritual beliefs Aug 02, 2021

Money can be a difficult area for heart centered practitioners and in this episode I'm sharing some tools that explore a different frequency around our money beliefs. If you're wanting to shift how you feel then it has to come from within.  Shifting our blocks internally is what creates lasting changes in our life.  Looking at how you actually feel about the "frequency" that money is and how it shows up for you in your life.  Where did your beliefs about financial abundance and financial resources first come from in your life? Are those beliefs still valid and supporting you?  It's my hope you'll leave this episode inspired to begin viewing your energetic relationship with money a little differently.

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Episode Transcript:  Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac

"We're talking today about money and spiritual beliefs. Also all of the emotions that go with money and money blocks and money, joy and money, passions, and all of these different things, these different frequencies, as I call them, that can create issues for people who are highly spiritual, highly connected, highly compassionate work from their heart center.

But first, I want to welcome everyone. And if you're new welcome! My name is Maria Furlano, thank you for finding me. I'm a spiritual intuitive. I'm a physician of Medical Qigong and traditional Chinese Medicine. And I teach healing professionals, energetic professionals, bodyworkers and people who work with other people in the healing field - I help them learn tools to take care of their own energy, as well as expand their intuitive skills with their clients. And if this is something that you're looking to add into your practice, please sign up for energy insights where you'll get all kinds of information. But also, you'll be first to receive notice as we're reopening the healer studio, my online program, it would be great to have you there.

And as a side note, completely unrelated to this, I just made the best cup of coffee and I'm sitting here enjoying it and it is so delicious. Do you know how when you make something and it all comes together, it all works. And it just tastes so good. And you have no idea what you did. But it's so delicious? Anyway, I just had to share that. I do like coffee.

As we move into this topic, which can kind of be kind of heavy for some people - the topic of money and spiritual connectedness and is money good is money bad?  All of these things that many people grow up with that many people feel, and it actually really causes resistance from bringing the resource of money into your life.

The reason why I say resource is because if you begin to hang out and spend time with people who really utilize wealth in a good way, you'll notice that they don't use the term money, but they use the term resources. And it's because of the vibrational component of the term resource.

The term money - Money is very stagnant, right? When we think of money, we think of maybe a piece of paper, or a cheque or credit card or bank account, we think of an object lot of times, but when you hear the word resource, what does that open up for you? For me, that opens up a completely different screen in front of my mind, I see myself being able to do things, it's like going from a closed room, right outside into nature, it's like going from something static and stagnant and hard to get to something that has opportunity and vision.

So I really want to encourage you that first if you have any blocks about money that you start thinking throughout your day of the term resource and just see how that word that one shift of a word, that one shift of a thought creates a different view for you a different vibration. In my online studio, we talk a lot about money. Because practitioners who are heart centered, who are working with other people who are highly compassionate, highly intuitive, can really tune in to things in our world that are difficult, because there there is healers there there is uplifters there's that they're there to help expand people. So tuning in to the things that are needed are wonderful in the sense of using our skills to be able to support people. But we can also tune into a way of being where we're not receiving enough to support ourselves, where we start to feel weird about accepting money or charging enough or if we are actually receiving financial abundance or financial resources, then we sometimes can feel guilty about that.

One of the best things that my mom always said to me was, "Maria, you take yourself with you wherever you go." And what she meant by that was it didn't matter where you lived. Didn't matter how much you had or how much you didn't have whatever you truly believed inside yourself. Whoever you truly were, that's what you took with you. So for example, if you are someone who is making a lot of money, but you feel awful about it, or you have a lot of blocks about money or you feel emotionally insecure, you're going to take yourself with you into that situation, that situation is not going to change how you feel. If you're someone who isn't making a lot of money, and you feel that same way, you're going to take yourself with you into that situation, things in our life don't shift, because of the circumstances that come in things in our life shift because we internally shift them. And this is very important if you're feeling any kind of blocks.

And to begin to move into the exploratory phase of this topic. If this is something that you really want to shift internally, your relationship with money, one of the things that you have to do is to be aware, completely aware of how you actually feel about it, something about money is people tend to either be completely fine with it, or they tend to really avoid the topic. And if you avoid the topic, then you tend to avoid financial things in your life too. So inside my healers studio, I'm always saying awareness brings transformation. And the reason why I say that is because if we're not willing to really be aware of who we are, and how we're moving through our life, and what we really are thinking, then we're not able to really transform and heal that. And then as a side note, we're not also able to really be there for our clients and our students in the best ways because we haven't healed it within ourselves. We haven't really looked at it honestly, within ourselves. And so if we haven't done that, how can we really be a clear channel for someone else? We can't?

A question that I'd love to just share with you today to begin this exploratory process.

  • When you grew up, how was money talked about?
  • How did your parents talk about it?
  • How do people in your life talk about it?
  • How did your community talk about it?

What beliefs have you taken on that you may not even be aware of?

This exercise is something that can be done through journaling, because you want to be able to just freely flow with your writing and not stop yourself not be censored, not double think yourself, you just want to let it out. You want it to be just a coming up of all of these experiences that you can remember. And of course, it's going to come over a period of time, you're probably not going to be able to do it in one sitting, although you never know. And you just want to look for things, all the good, all the bad, all the stuff in between all the things that are impactful for you with money...

For example, one time, there was a woman in my office and she said to me one day, "I will never be rich, because I'm NOT dishonest."

She was really struggling financially. And she was really angry. She was a very angry person. And she was very stressed, obviously, right? And I listened to that sentence, I will never be rich, because I am not dishonest. You have money, then you're dishonest. That is such an extreme money block. It's very easy to see. Right? I think you would agree that that's very, very clear.

But sometimes we have much more subtle things going on behind the scenes. Like for example, maybe we inside know that we should have abundant resources in our life. But we heard over and over again, that people who who had them were bad, or maybe other people around us don't have them. And we don't want to make them feel bad, or we don't want to be different from them, or we're afraid of change. And when we shift our resources in our life, things do change. I mean, that's natural, doesn't mean that you have to lose people in your life, but things do change.

And so if you're someone who's afraid of change, for example, that may be something that's coming in that are really obstructing your access to greater resources in your life. And so you see how I'm using the terms resources, because resources are opportunities and opportunities bring new things in our life, they bring new forms of abundance in our life. And that's what we really want. We want our life to be empowered with abundance, not empowered with lack.

And then the next thing I'll suggest to do probably going to have to do this several times, but you're really going to want to sit down with yourself. And when you think about money, when you think about resources, when you think about living your life in a much more fluid way where you can to actually have more support in your life, have less stress in your life and specifically in a financially supported way. How does that feel in your body? 

Frequency is something that we can shift, we can shift our vibration, we can if we can shift how we think about things. We can shift how we direct our focus. We can shift the frequency of what we surround ourselves in our life, we can shift the energy behind anything that we want to do. It takes a lot of awareness. And it does take focus to do that. And it really, of course it takes a willingness first, to do that.

People can think they're lazy about something, but actually, they're really avoiding it. They're not lazy. They're just avoiding it.

  • And so they feel lazy, because maybe it's scary to them.
  • So they push it away and say, "Oh, I don't care," but they really do care.

So, that can also be something that comes up inside of us, in our frequency when we think about money, wealth, abundance resources, when we start to push away, or we say, "Oh, I don't care, "or," this is silly," or "whatever..." That actually can be a reaction to the fact that we really do care extremely deeply. But we can't quite face it, or we're afraid to face it. Or, we've been used to ignoring something for so long, that we just push it off.  If that starts to come up for you, that is an awareness to be aware of to and of course, write it down.

  • But you want to see how your body feels?
  • Does it constrict?
  • Does it expand?
  • Do you feel curious?
  • Do you feel a joyful?
  • Do you feel like oh, yeah, that's something I really want.
  • Does your body get tense?
  • Do you actually have pain? That happens a lot?
  • Do you get very emotional?
  • Do you get angry?
  • Do you get tired?
  • Do you just tune out?

I talk a lot in my healer studio about are we tuning in, or are we tuning out? 

You can move into a lot of jealousy and anger and frustration. And those are real things, being able to explore how you grew up, what were the feelings around money? What were the emotional components around money?

Because that's really what we're carrying with us. We're carrying with us the emotions that are attached to the event.

  • So how was money spoken about?
  • What emotion did that bring up? And in the people around you?
  • What emotion did it bring up in you?

Those are things that when we explore them, and we get to the heart of them, we're able to shift them.

Also, again, looking at money as a resource, looking at resources that bring opportunities can help uplevel our energy a bit so we can see things from a little different angle. Instead of being so frustrated. It helps inspire hope moving forward, which is really important.

And then seeing how we feel in the present about money? 

  • What does it feel like in our body?
  • Do we avoid do we step in?
  • Do we want to learn more?
  • Do we have curiosity?
  • Are we ashamed?
  • Are we excited?
  • Are we angry?
  • Are we jealous?
  • What are all the emotions of how we feel about it?

Getting to the root of how we feel helps us move into a space where we then have a new opportunity to be able to shift it. I wish you a week of expanding resources and I thank you for being here. Sending lots of love this week!

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