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Is balance really necessary?

balance exhaustion overwork restore yang yin May 06, 2021

This weeks live topic is that about balance:  Is balance really necessary? I recorded a more extensive podcast episode on this topic on The Art Of Tuning In Podcast #45.

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I've been hearing some popular people say that they don't believe in balance.

And I find it funny and interesting. I'm wondering where that's really coming from, because for myself as a, you know, as a master teacher and physician of Chinese Medicine and someone who specializes in Medical Qigong (which is all about energetic balancing and restoring)... What I find is funny, is that balance is simply putting back what we've given out. It's really simple.

"Balance" - Restoring the energy we've used.

It's not about living a perfect life, or a perfect lifestyle.

It's not about doing the exact same things every day.

It's not about self indulgence.

What you put out (how you use your energy), you put back in.

Balance is really about respect for our own well-being.

Restoring the energy within ourselves, that we've put out into the world.

It's a simple example of mutual interdependence.

I work with a lot of healers and body workers and intuitive's and we give a lot, and that  energy has to be restored. And that's all the balance is.

Mutual interdependence

In Eastern medicine we have the Yin and the Yang. That's a form of mutual interdependence of balance. And this is why I find it so interesting from the people who are saying they don't believe in balance. Are they really saying they are against the "perfect lifestyle?" Making things perfectly balanced? But that's not what balance is either. It's just about about restoring what you've put out.

And I had a private client several years ago who shared with me that she was brought up to believe that "restorative work" was about being lazy... It wasn't productive. She was very successful in business, also a very positive person with lot's of energy and by the time she came to me she had begun developing health issues and didn't have that same energy she used to.

When we first talked about "balance" she said she had never really thought about it. She said, "I work out a lot. And I've been really tired lately and I just kind of keep pushing myself harder, thinking, you know, I'm just out of shape."  Again, it's that outputting of energy, right?

The type of restoring is important...

Exercising is great for us. But if we're depleted in energy, the kind of exercise that we're going to do makes a huge difference in how we restore our health. So this beautiful woman is outputting and outputting and outputting energy. And she's really, really good at that, but not so good at receiving.

And that can be a huge key... Learning to receive.

I had to learn how to really receive. And balance is part of that.

Nourishing ourselves to be able to give even more. And sometimes we simply have to change our mental programing and learn that receiving is one of the highest forms of wellness we can give to ourselves on a regular basis.

As you can see, I do believe in balance, I believe that balance is necessary, and that it really creates a life that's really full. But I also completely understand about the laziness perspective and how a culture that highly promotes everything bigger, newer and stronger can make us feel like we just have to do more. But remembering that balance, is about output and input all working together in harmony.

Have a great day, everybody. 



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