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Intuition 101 | #041

101 guidance inner intuition wisdom Mar 07, 2021

I got a great question from a member who asked "How do I know if I'm intuitive?" Today I'm sharing some Intuition 101 to help put some ease and fun into accessing more of the expanded guidance that's at our disposal every day. Intuition is inner wisdom with a broader view. Listen in and let's get started! Thank you for being here!

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Transcript - Intuition 10 episode 041 | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

00:01 Intro

Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.


Welcome I'm Maria Furlano, I'm glad you're here with me today, we're going to talk about intuition. So in my membership, with a question came up, that was really great. And I wanted to share it with all of you. Because if intuition is new for you, you might be thinking the same thing. 


And the question was about, what if I don't know how I actually sense or feel things ,or know things? What if I don't really know, I'm intuitive, but I want to be intuitive?

What if I don't really know, I'm intuitive?


First of all, it's really important to know that everybody has an inner wisdom that's talking to them.

And so sometimes when we use the word intuitive, people can feel a lot of pressure. So when I say, inner wisdom it kind of softens it, because that's really what it is. 

Intuition is a broader & more expanded view


Intuition is a way that a broader knowing - a broader viewpoint -an expanded viewpoint, a knowing outside of ourselves outside of our little, really small focus of the world. It's a way that it speaks to us. And that's an inner wisdom. And the goal, the art of tuning in, is to be able to tap into that inner wisdom.  


And in intuition, we have all kinds of different ways that we sense. Some people hear things, some people see, and usually when we see, some people see colors, some people see a movie screen in front of them, they might see images.  Some people will taste information, some people will smell information. Feeling is a big one. And knowing, when you just receive a download. 


So, there's all different ways, sometimes all these different things are happening at once. And sometimes people have one true way that they sense information. And there's no right or wrong, there's no better or worse, it's all good, however you sense is what's most important. And so what you want to do to begin that process, if that's new for you, is first you need to really know that you do sense information. If you feel like "Oh, I don't do that," then you're going to block it from coming in. So you have to have faith that you to actually do receive information - that there's energy everywhere, it's coming around, it's giving us information, and you are picking it up somehow. 

How do you "sense" right now?


Then you want to just be aware. You want to be aware of how you sense. A lot of people are feelers, that happens to be one of the most common ways people pick up information. So you could begin to see if you're a feeler, if you're empathic, by how you feel when you walk into a room. Do you sense anything? Do you feel anything in your gut? Do you feel anything in your body? Do you feel a pressure? Do you feel a lightness? Do you feel an anxiety, or a fast moving energy? Do you feel kind of light headed? All these things different things - see what do you feel in your body?


Because what happens is we tend to pick up energy and we feel it in our bodies. And if you're talking to someone, a lot of times it's really clear, if you're standing across from someone face to face, you can really pick up energy that's going on, you can often know how someone is feeling, you know, are they in a good mood? Are they not in a good mood? You know, how do you feel when you have to make a decision, right? This is a really big one that's probably the most useful for anyone is when we want to make a decision, we need to tune in to our inner wisdom. And how we do that is we need to just calm our breathing, I always talk about breathing, right. We want to start with a nice long inhale. And then we want to make our exhale as long as we can. Because the longer the exhale, the more we calm our nervous system. The more we relax our heart, our actual heart rate, our heartbeat actually calms. 


And when we do that, we're able to  get rid of this outside noise and these mental thoughts that come in to push us away from our internal wisdom, or that expanded knowing... We're too much "in the worl" and we want to be more "in alignment with a broader view." 

When you have a decision to make...


So when you have a decision that you want to make, for example, you may want to try this in short bursts. So you're going to see a lot of what I talk about are small steps. Because when we're retraining ourselves, to tune in, and to listen, and to do new things, and the reason why I say retraining, is we're literally retraining our brain. We're connecting our mind and our heart, training our body to relax, especially if that's really not easy for us - We're retraining a new way that we're moving through the world. So when you have a decision to make, and this is what I really want to leave you with today, begin by thinking about that decision. And immediately see how you feel? 

It's really that simple... 


It's really that simple. It's not discarding it, it's not moving into the logical brain, and you're thinking things through, you just want to take a few minutes, find a quiet space somewhere. If you can go in nature, that always helps. But we can't always do that. So just find a quiet space. If you can't find a quiet space, put in some headphones with white noise - that's really great, or, really calm music, but no lyrics. And just think about what it is you're going to decide. And how does it feel. 

Sensations are your friend


You will get a feeling, you will get a knowing, you'll get a sensation of some kind of information that's going to tell you if this decision feels really good and if it's time to move forward with it. Or if there's any hesitation at all, then you can begin to move further. If you really want to know why the hesitation is you can always move further into that. But if it's a decision that you need to make, it's good enough to know that it's either the right decision, or it's not the right decision. And maybe right now, it's not the right decision. Maybe later it will be. But right now, this is the information that's coming to you.  

Don't overthink it!


One of the mistakes that we tend to make when we're dealing with moving into our internal wisdom is we overthink it. We get information, an intuitive hit, and then we second guess it. So you want to not second guess things as much as you can. And when you start to second guess it, just catch yourself, "Oh, I'm going into my brain, I'm going into this logical mode. Let me come back to myself now." You may need to go do something else for a while and then allow it to come back. Because it's a very soft energy.


People think that it's going to be really loud. And that's why they're not hearing things, or feeling things, or seeing things, or knowing things, or sensing things.

But it's very soft, it's very subtle. And when you get used to it, it's very strong, because you know it but you have to get used to that vibration. First, you have to get used to moving in that way of receiving information. 

Into body & out of brain


So you all know that I teach medical Qigong and Qigong is an art form of health and movement Qigong. It stems from traditional Chinese medicine, and it is phenomenal at getting our energy and alignment. And I bring this up because movement tools such as Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, and other energetic health movement tools help us move into this internal alignment, which can help you develop your intuition. 


So if you feel like you can't just sit and tune in, move around. Take a walk. If you practice yoga, do yoga. If you practice Qigong do some Qigong. If you do Tai Chi, do some Tai Chi, because you want the energy to begin to flow through your body.  


If you don't do any of those practices, turn on some music and dance! Dance by yourself. Just breathe. Sing! Sing, and allow the energy with your breath, with your movement to start moving through your body and you will naturally begin to align your vibration to a higher frequency because you'll be lifting up your energy. And when you rely on that higher frequency, you're able to receive more information easily, naturally without effort. So this is not a forceful thing. You can't force intuition. You really have to relax into it. And it can really help us in a time right now, when we need to really tune into ourselves more than any other time. It's really heart centered work. Let's do it together. Have a great week. Talk to you soon. 

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