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How do I send out high vibes?

holding space meditation Sep 07, 2023

People want to know how they can send light and love to situation, or to someone who they love. And this is part of that this going into this kind of space, being able to align your heart and your mind in a very simple way.

First, it builds a muscle. And as you build this muscle of understanding how to calm and ground yourself, you are able to come back to it over and over again, it's this muscle memory, it's this energetic alignment memory. And as you do that, you're able to do it faster and faster and more efficiently. Just by aligning your energy, and going into a state of peace, you raise your frequency.

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So if you've followed me for a while, you know, all I talk about is frequency, resonance, vibration, because that's everything. It's everything in energetic arts, right? The more our frequency elevates, the more we were able to raise our frequency and align our energy, the healthier we are, the more our immune system is stronger, we're able to have more joy in life, we're able to attract situations that are in resonance with that high frequency. And so as we do that, and we get better and better at that, then we simply project and we hold space for what it is we're focusing on. And each week, I'm going to bring in a specific topic, whether it's for the planet, people, or the cosmos, and we're going to focus on for example, the Earth, the water, right, all of these different things. But one thing, we're going to hold space for one thing, and as you learn to align your frequency and you learn to be able to tune in and focus your frequency on that one thing, we're able to send it support and love and elevation.

So we're going to practice this together, you're going to see it back on the recordings, and you're going to be able to do this yourself.

And by gathering together, we all benefit from holding space together and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. So taking care of ourselves first allows us to hold space for anything else that we want to. I'm so glad you're here!

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