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Deep listening now and after quarantine | #014

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I’ve been feeling a huge call for silence and being still right now. But I’m also finding a huge call for creativity right now. And I know these may sound like opposite actions but they really aren’t. When we are in a space of transformation there is a stillness that is needed, but underneath there is a new becoming that is taking place.

In my last episode I talked about new beginnings.  And I’m still asking myself on a daily basis what am I finding that’s different at this time?

How about you, are finding anything new in this time of quarantine?

Honestly, all I’ve been wanting to do for the past 2 weeks is just go within. I feel strongly that’s what all of us are being called to do right now.

It’s really just a space I’m finding myself in more and more. The louder the outside world gets, the more I withdraw my energy. I’ve always been like this. But now, as I get older (and hopefully a little wiser) I understand that you really must support your own energy before doing anything else.

Right now it feels like my own internal energy needs space and peace. I’m also finding it needs to laugh. I’ve been watching funny movies and the other night I actually felt my whole body get lighter. I realized how much I had been carrying around.

On my way to the mailbox I met a neighbor and while we had our “6 feet apart” conversation, we shared how we were both feeling a lot of emotion bubbling up. Especially a couple of days before the supermoon.

She said… “Well, I had a really good cry the other day” and how cleansing it was for her. “I suggest everybody have a cleansing like that!” she said.

I never expected this woman to share this with me. She’s right. It’s time for cleansing… It’s time for clarity.

It’s time we all did what we need to do personally to clear out the old boggy stuff we’ve created and put up with – in ourselves, our environment and also in relationships that are now out of tune with who we’re moving into.

We can’t do things the old ways anymore, if we want to move into the new energetic space that the earth is opening for us.

But here’s the thing… We also can’t expect ourselves to be perfect. One of the things that we learn studying energetic medicine is that energy is constantly shifting. When we try to hold something still, or hold on too tightly, we can get fixed in our energy.

Fixed energy doesn’t flow.

We’re going to feel the up’s and the down’s and that OK! We are constantly weaving a new energy pattern. The only thing that really matters is our intention of how we want that energetic pattern to be in our lives?

But I think it’s important to remember that no one is doing anything wrong. Everyone is really just doing the best they can in each moment.

I started a new exercise routine and over did it and found myself in a great deal of pain for 3 days.

Some people have listened to my podcast episode “What is Qigong” where I shared about my experience with an injury that created chronic pain for over 2 years.

I healed this injury after practicing Qigong, but I have found that if I don’t pay attention to my body – like overdoing it, instead of listening – my body screams at me.

I used to beat myself up. Feeling like it was a huge fault I had, if I couldn’t stay in perfect alignment.

I don’t do that anymore. I’m more tuned into my “wisdom self.”

Now I know that it’s my body speaking to me. I know it ALWAYS has wisdom to share and the last thing it needs is my “beat myself up” energy to interfere with it’s message for me. That is exhausting. But it took me a willingness to let go of the “beat myself up” for not being perfect voice. It always takes a true willingness to let and shift anything we need to for greater clarity and health.

That’s what I really feel this time is about…. Deep listening.

If we could listen more deeply to ourselves – our “wisdom self,” we would be guided exactly to where we need to be and doing what we need to do.

If we can listen deeply to the earth right now, in the ways the ancients did, we would all be more nourished.

It’s never too late. We always have great support from Spirit.

One of the things I’m absolutely loving at this time is how much people are sharing of their own gifts. I make it a daily gift to listen to a sonnet from @sirpatstew (on Instagram). Listening to his voice and his small insights he share’s just makes my heart light up. I’m so grateful for his willingness to share his gifts with us.

Seeing all the people online who are sharing their gifts of art, pottery, drawing, painting, building, dancing…

It takes courage to share our gifts. This is what this time is for. Sharing our gifts is why we’re here.!

I hope after we ride the tide of this journey of quarantine, that there will be a new energy in sharing gifts with each other.

The love that abounds right now – that’s flowing through our planet is tremendous.

Let’s focus on that.

That’s where our energetic power lives… In our own gifts.

My daily prayer at this moment is…

“Planet earth, my guides and teachers, thank you for your patience and wisdom. Please keep guiding me towards greater love, patience, acceptance, peace and pure alignment with my true wisdom self.”

If this prayer calls to you, I share it with you to use, or change to you in this unique journey.

Thank you for being here.  And thank you for being everything you are.

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