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Chinese New Year - The Yin Metal Ox in 2021

2021 chinese new year metal ox yin Feb 08, 2021

2021 will be the Yin Metal Ox year. The Ox is the second of the zodiac animals.

Oxen are said to be intelligent, grounded and hard workers. Especially behind the scenes - they are reliable and strong. They are noble, and don't demand praise. They make wonderful leaders, think logically and see a task through to completion. Ox people put their heart into what they do and hold themselves and others to high expectations. They can be stubborn, but also react quickly and decisively when needed.

Chinese New Year begins each year on the second New Moon after the winter solstice.

The Chinese zodiac is determined by the year you were born and follows the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese Lunar New Year changes from year to year, but generally it's within January or February. 

As I'm not a Chinese astrology expert, every year I try to provide helpful links for you to explore, if you're interested in this new year.

Red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese traditions.

Wearing red during the new year (especially if you're the animal sign of the year - for example Ox for 2021) is a traditional way to bring good luck and ward off unfavorable energy.

A common gift is to give your loved ones a simple red string they can wear around their wrist. 

As with most New Year traditions, cleaning house, organizing and throwing out what's no longer needed... To open ourselves and our spaces to RECEIVE fresh energy is a new year's is tradition done prior to New Year's day.

Here are links to 2 expert astrologers for you to explore this year's forecast:

  • > Joey Yap (YouTube): Playlist of all "The 2021 Animal Signs Forecast"

    • WARNING:  Sometimes Joey Yap uses profanity in his videos. So you may want to use headphones if you have little ones around. He is high energy, and his messages are grounded with information.

  • > Raymond Lo (article):  2021 The Year of the Metal Ox Forecast


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