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Awareness Brings Transformation | #040

awareness energetic sabatoge transformation Mar 02, 2021

It's sooo great when we get inspired and are able to look at something a little differently. Especially in moments when something seems out of reach. Often it's the simple things that create a breakthrough. In this new episode I'm expanding our conversation about following through with things we really want to. Expanding our frequency and why we might be stopping ourselves.  If you're having a hard time honoring yourself in the ways you know deep inside you'd like to be... Today I'm sharing some insights into why that may be happening. Awareness really does bring transformation. I'd be grateful if you could share this episode with a friend who it can support.

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Transcript episode #040 | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Intro:  Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.

Hello, welcome. This is Maria Furlano. Thank you for joining me today on The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. It's great to have you here. As always, I appreciate you so much for tuning in and spending a little time with me today, I want to expand and continue our conversation that we've been having about why we're not following through with things consistency, why we're not really honoring ourselves the way we should be. And I want to give you some insights into why that may be happening for you. And I'm hoping it will inspire you to be able to look at things a little differently, and pursue things that you want to do especially for yourself, and for your own energetic expansion in an easier way. Because when we understand something, a lot of times, that's the breakthrough that we need to move forward with it.

Breathing break

But before we begin, I would love you to take a nice deep breath, please be present in the moment. This is why we always take this time. And nice long inhale and an even longer exhale that just calms our nervous system calms our heart rate. And it brings us completely present in the moment, whether you are cutting up vegetables, whether you're making a list while you're listening to this while you're driving, just breathe a little more, nice, long inhale through your nose, and then even longer exhale, out your mouth.

Thank you and do that as often, as feels good to you, it really does make a difference. If you're brand new to my podcast, welcome, I thank you for being here. I'm a spiritual, intuitive and a physician of Chinese Medicine who specializes in Medical Qigong. And I have an online membership called the art of tuning in. And of course, you can visit that by going to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast calm, I work privately with clients. And I am all about learning how to tune in soul, mind and body and aligning our energy for everything that we want to do in our life.

Expanding and aligning vibration

And one of the things that we work on as individuals is continuously expanding and aligning our vibration, our energetic frequency. And when we do that, when we get really good at aligning our frequency, our life moves fluidly. And so today, I want to just talk a little bit to those of you who I know are out there who are using tools to align your energy, using movement tools, maybe you're doing Qigong, you're doing Tai Chi, you're doing yoga, meditation, again, is a full body practice. Maybe you're doing breath, work, all of these wonderful things, running, walking, whatever it is physically that you may be doing. And then combining a spiritual Mind, Body emotional, spiritual aspect to it all of these skill sets that allow us to get into alignment with a better life for ourselves. And what I want to talk about is called energetic sabotage. It's a term that I use.

When our vibration changes

But what it means is that when we start to change our vibration, we start to feel really good. And when we start to shift our emotional vibration, meaning we start to elevate it, we start to be aware of our thoughts, we start to be aware of what we're focusing on on a regular basis, our frequency naturally begins to raise and expand and go faster, our light shines brighter. And this can bring about a lot of wonderful changes in our life. But it can also bring about changes where we're more attractive to people. And I'm not talking about prettier or more handsome, but there's a glow. There's an attraction of magnetic because whenever someone is in alignment with themselves, they're sending off a vibration that is positive, that is joyful, that is abundant that is healthy, and it's very natural for others to want to gravitate towards that.

Feels a bit weird?

And when that happens, sometimes people who are new to changing and shifting their frequency and starting practices, they can feel it little weird, it can feel a little strange. And they can start to contract their energy. Also, what happens is that when we start to elevate our vibration, when we start to be in tune with who we are and what we really want, and we start to really focus on that, and do good things that honor ourselves, the relationships that we currently have in our life can be a little bit strained because we're moving into a new vibration.

Not on the same page

And if our friendships if our relationships, our work relationships, if they're not in that same kind of vibration, if there's resistance to that, there can be some resistance in your life. And if you're sensitive to it, if you if you're not sure how to negotiate that, you may contract your energy. And what this does is this is energetic sabotage, this is you energetically sabotaging your own energetic expansion, because most of the time, people who choose to align their energy, expand their energy, work on their energy work on a spiritual part of themselves. They're very sensitive people. And they can feel and just know how others are feeling. And if other people start to feel uncomfortable, we can take it as we're doing something wrong, or we want to make the situation comfortable. And the way to do that is to change our frequency to what it was before.

Nobody is doing anything wrong

I hope that makes sense? Because no one is doing anything wrong. The people who are feeling uncomfortable, they're not doing anything wrong, and you're not doing anything wrong. When we want to change our frequency, align our frequency, expand our frequency, it's about understanding that that's what's happening. And having the trust that as we do that, our life is going to change and align in different ways. And that may also mean that our relationships begin to change in our life. And so this is really about trusting the process of realigning your life. And another aspect that I want to talk about today is when we're doing it to ourselves, it's not about what we're picking up from other people or our environment, or just that it feels weird. It's actually our own habits that are coming up our own fears, perhaps our own emotions, our own energetic sabotage.

Timeline before veering away

So typically what happens kind of a typical timeline, we can get really excited when we want to do something new, we feels good in us, we know it's right. And it's like a New Year's goal. And then maybe for the first three days, we're really good at it, we might get up at the same time, we might do our practice at the same time of day, it feels really good, we're consistent, we're starting to feel aligned, like we're on a new roll a rhythm. And then on the fourth day, our vibration actually does feel different. And because of this, we may start to pull back, like you say to yourself, I don't need to do this today, I feel good. Or you might say I feel tired, because sometimes emotions start to flow, and you get tired. And you say, Well, I think I'm just gonna skip today. But that's not really what you want to do with an energetic practice, you want to keep going because emotion is energy movement. And you're actually starting to move through things. And so when you help your body by moving you help your body by continuing the process.

Keep it moving

So even if that day decide to take a walk, but with the intention of understanding that you are energetically working with yourself that you're giving to yourself, I just like to suggest that you look at your own patterns. It's different for everybody.

But when we can see our patterns, we can change them really easily. When we just move through life, and we're not aware of things, we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over again. So for some people, they'll do something consistently for five days. And then on the sixth day, it'll all fall apart. Some people they do things consistently for two weeks, and then it all falls apart. Some people it's months and it all falls apart.

Patterns, patterns & patterns

But it's usually a pattern that they've done before in their life. And it's because something is coming up. So when you look at your own pattern, you can change it. So how do you catch yourself what you do is you just become aware, you decide when you're going to begin a practice that you're going to pay attention to anything that starts to come up. When you start to pull away when your thoughts come up and say oh, I'm fine. I don't need to do this today. I can skip today, or I'm tired today. I don't feel like doing it. And these are the little things that come up and you don't want to beat yourself up, there's no need to do that these are actually really great clues, that energy is actually shifting, it's really the most exciting time.

Breaking through

Because when you move through them, you break through, you break through to a new level of energy, it's like breaking through a ceiling, you're able to move on to the next phase.

Let's recap

So to recap, the two things we want to look at when we're using new skills to align our energy to expand our vibration to heal to shift into living our life in a more desired and directed way of focus that we want to live. The two things we want to look at, if we continue to stop ourselves from really moving into that alignment. And being consistent. We want to recognize that as we change, we do impact the environment around us. And sometimes other people have a difficult time with change, they have a difficult time with how we're changing. And that is totally fine.

Awareness brings transformation

But our awareness allows us to know that we don't have to change because they're uncomfortable. And so it keeps us on track to be aware. The second thing is, of course, we want to look at our own habits. Are we someone that tends to stop and start? And if we are stopping and starting and stopping and starting, why are we stopping? Why are we feeling uncomfortable, and just be aware that it could be that you are in a new vibration, and you're simply not used to feeling that good, really, we get really weird with ourselves sometimes when things are going our way, when we are actually in alignment and manifesting our life the way we'd like to. And these old patterns come in...  "It shouldn't be this easy," or "life is supposed to be difficult," whatever they are for us, and we can pull back our energy and we can energetically sabotage our own growth.

So two things to look at just to be aware. Again, awareness is key. It changes everything. Awareness brings transformation. I wish you a beautiful week of expansion and growth and great new things for yourself. Thank you so much for joining me. I'll see you in the next episode.

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