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Are you getting what you're expecting? Let's tune into your alignment | #036

2021 expectations goals manifesting Jan 25, 2021
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Are you getting in your life what you're expecting? Are your expectations helping you, or actually disallowing what is possible to flow into your life? Are you aligning your emotions and mindset in ways that are manifesting what you truly want? Today I'm sharing simple first steps you can do to tune into your alignment.

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Transcript episode #036 | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.
Hello, everyone, welcome. This is Maria Furlano. Thank you for tuning in with me today, 
We are having a major storm while I am recording this episode, with super high winds and rain and doesn't happen a lot here in Southern California. So when it does, and when you're able to be inside like I am today, all bundled up and cozy. It's kind of fun. So if you hear things rattling around me, it might be the storm. So just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

I want to talk to you about something that has been a huge help in my life. And something that I coach regularly when I coach private clients, and that's Are you getting in your life, what you're expecting? I'm going to go into some detail about that, and also some tips about how to get more of what you want.
But first, I just want to welcome everybody and anyone who's new, I want to welcome you to the podcast. Thank you for joining me today. I'm a physician of Chinese Medicine who specializes in Medical Qigong. As a holistic coach. I also work as an energy intuitive and a spiritual medium. And when I work with professionals, especially on the topic of creating more of what they want in their life, managing their energy, a big topic that always comes up is what are you expecting? And what are you receiving? So we're going to talk a little bit about that today. 
I always begin our podcast with by breathing nice and long through the nose, and then an even longer exhale out your mouth, you begin to become fully present into the moment, but you also calm your heart rate, you begin to decrease stress, relax your nervous system, the more we do this during the day, in short bursts with the more we train ourselves to go into this space of more aligned energy, more relaxed energy, and it's really healing to our body. And it's important to reset our energy as many times during the day during the evening as we can. Certainly whenever we need to if you're experiencing stress or overwhelm or fear or anything that's coming up for you anxiety. This is one of the fastest tools you can use is to access your breath.

Do you know what it is that you focus on when you expect something?

And now that we're a little more focused, I want to ask you a question... Do you know what it is that you focus on when you expect something? How we feel creates a vibrational frequency and how we move through our life is within that vibrational frequency. This is one of the reasons why affirmations can work for people or not work for people.

For example, if you're doing an affirmation, but you really can't get to the space where you feel it in your body, where you really feel the positivity of it. It's just words that you're repeating. The important part of that is that if you stay on the focus of repeating these words, and you consistently practice moving into that space, your body will begin to feel your emotions will begin to change, you will start to see different things in your imagination. And so the energy of what you're repeating the affirmation of what you're repeating, the energy of it begins to take form. And when that energy begins to take form, things in your body begin to change, your cells begin to vibrate in a different way hormones are released in your body in a different way, your expectations about what you're saying, become real.

Energy begins to radiate...

And when things become real, when you feel it in your body. you radiate that out into your life. And then your brain focuses on what it is that you're thinking and feeling and it brings in front of you ,those things that you're thinking and feeling. This is really important because a lot of people want something, they expect something they want to change their lives and this kind of goes with the last episode that I just did about goal setting. Really getting into your heart and your mind when you set a goal. Getting grounded with that energy, and not just hoping that it will happen.

A full body experience... 

It's really a full body experience when you want to change something or expect something, we can think about things that we want to change. But if we're not really willing to put them into "energetic action," as I like to say, because I'm all about putting things energetically in alignment first, and then acting on them.

If we're energetically aligned, and then we step forward into our action, there's so many wonderful things that manifest from that. When we just step forward and start acting, but we're not spiritually energetically aligned, emotionally aligned, our mindset is not aligned, and we just start to do things, we just start to create action... A lot of times, we really waste a lot of energy that way, because it's not focused action.

When I say it's not focused action, what I mean is, it's not action that's coming from an aligned place of what it is we truly want. It takes time to do that alignment, it takes going within and focusing and taking the time to move through any kind of blocks that we may have.


And I want to break this down for you really easy. So I'm going to ask you a question. Are you getting what you're expecting? So I'd like you to take a scenario of an event that you're going to go to, or something that you're going to do it hasn't happened yet, you know that it's going to happen, maybe you're planning it? And how do you think about it? Now this is very, very important. What are you expecting out of the event?

The reason why I say this is because many people already have a determined expectation of the future event, even if it's an hour away, it might be a lunch that you're having with someone, or it might be something bigger, that takes a lot of planning, and there's a lot of pieces. Whatever you're expecting that outcome to be, that is where the energy is flowing from you. That is what your brain is focused on.

What we focus on is so important...

So what we focus on is incredibly important. And again, when we take the time to align our energy, and figure out the things that are coming up for you. So let's say you're planning something, and you notice you do have a great deal of fear around it, or you have a great deal of anxiety around it, or you're just not looking forward to it. It really, really is valuable to stop what you're doing and take time to go within yourself and work through that anxiety, those fears that feeling of "Ugg, I just don't want to do this!" And find out why on a deeper level and begin to dissolve what you can begin to dissolve those blocks so that you can take actions to actually create the best outcome. And what's really interesting is that until we get used to doing this until we get used to taking the time and creating the space in our regular life, in our regular schedule, to align our energy with what it is that we want. With what it is that we're expecting with the goals that we're trying to create with whatever events are coming up in our life.

However, we want to move forward, aligning our energy and then allowing that energy to go before us ahead of us to create what's truly in our highest good for us. And for those around us.

Once we learn how to take the time and we understand on an emotional level, that we're not wasting our time, that it really is a vibration that we're putting out into the world, that that amount of time that we've learned to go within and align our energy is exactly the same as if you were training your body, if you were training your muscles to lift a certain amount of weight. Your training, alignment and alignment is practice and your training your expectations and training those expectations take practice. And the reason is because a lot of people have given up on expecting things because they've been so disappointed in their life. Or they have learned in their life a lot of times from growing up that when they get too excited about something that they're put down.

What happens when you grow up with hiding your feelings?

I have a very dear client of mine who had to learn in her late 60s that she was allowed to get excited about life. And what it came down to was that when she was growing up, there was so much contraction around her emotions from her family. That when she got excited about something, it was almost deemed as being arrogant, you know, you're not supposed to get that excited about something, you're not supposed to expect really great things, it was almost looked at like she was weird. She's a very artistic person, a very intelligent person. But she would go into these ups and downs of emotion's and found that although she was trying to manifest good things, what she really realized through the work that we were doing was that her expectation, her true emotional expectation, was that it wasn't really going to work out, because she was so afraid to move into that emotional, energetic, physical place of really expecting the best thing, because she had been told early early on that that just was not acceptable to be quiet, to calm down. So she stopped showing a lot of her emotions and a lot of her enthusiasm.

And it turns out, of course, that inside, she is an incredibly joyous person and has so much to give. As soon as you begin to clear that away, as soon as you begin to clear away the things that are keeping you from allowing that joy to be evident and present in your life. When you clear that away, then that vibration takes form. That's the frequency that she now moves in and what she expects she receives right, what she expects comes into her life.

And what's so wonderful is that when you get to this place, when you understand that your energy, that what you're putting out is actually creating things that your brain focuses on that draws to you that you interact with, it becomes really easy to understand when you're not in alignment, because you just look at what it is you're receiving. You look at how you're feeling about something, you look at the honesty of what you're feeling about. It's very simple. When you know that you want to create a goal, but emotionally and physically, you don't honestly believe that you can create that goal. You know, you're out of alignment, either your emotions, and your mental focus about that goal, and unblocking what's keeping you stuck... I always say to people, when I work with them, we're unblocking, so we can unlock the true wisdom that is inside of you. And this gets blocked. And we should never feel bad about it. Because when it opens up, its tremendous wisdom.


When we become really honest with how we're feeling, then it's easy to realign ourselves to reset our energy. Now, again, this takes practice. And I say that because people can get very discouraged. This is why affirmations and doing energetic practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, this is why doing those practices changes our vibration, because we bring ourselves into a different state.

Now, if we do those energetic practices purely from a mental focus, meaning that we're in our brain the whole times, we're not fully in our body, then it will not change our state.

We are physical beings that have energy running through us and that energetic frequency that runs through us radiates out of our bodies, into our energetic fields, and moves through us and ahead of us in everything that we do.

Changing the chemistry in the body...

It's so important to combine mindset and emotional energy together within the physical body that then changes the chemistry of the physical body, that then recalibrates our vibration. It recalibrates what we actually receive in our life, which of course, we calibrates what it is that we learn that we can expect from life.

So I hope that that gives you some things to think about this week, some ways to go into your own thought patterns, to see what it is that you actually are expecting when you're planning events when you're setting goals? 

  • When you're just getting ready to get in your car and go to the store. Are you expecting that is going to be a wonderful trip? Are you expecting that there's going to be problems? Are you dreading it?

Those are all vibrational frequencies that you're putting into yourself that your mind then focuses on when we try to separate into thinking we're smarter by just going into the mind and figuring it out... We become separate from the rest of ourselves.

How to begin...

If you're new to taking the time to go within and look at your energy. All you want to do is start with the breathing that we did in the beginning of this podcast, you just take a moment you sit or stand and you start to tune into your breath. You take a nice, long inhale, you take an even longer exhale, because again, that's what's helps to really calm your nervous system down and you begin to feel, you begin to feel how you feel. That's the first step. If you're not willing to feel how you feel, then just know that at this point in your life, you're just cutting yourself off from your feelings. And maybe you want to have some help with unlocking and unblocking yourself so that you can create the things that are fully aligned in your life. mindset wise, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually, creatively, everything that you want.

Let me know how it goes. Thank you for tuning in. And I will see you all in the next episode.

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