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Receiving Intuition | quick insight

holding space intuition quick insights May 21, 2024

Take away from this mornin…

Intuition comes in as a different frequency. Being in your head will bring you out of receiving the details. I know it sounds odd, but tuning into your intuitive knowing, meaning tuning in and listening at a different level than the mind. This is why we practice Holding Space.

Join us every week in Holding Space (it’s free) and is a great anchor with tools for your week.

Transcript Receiving Intuition | Quick insights | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


Hi there, so I just finished holding Space. And there's a takeaway I wanted to share with everybody today. And it has to do with receiving intuition. And by the way, Holding Space is a free offering that I offer every single week. It's live on Tuesdays. And there's recordings that are included, if you'd like to come and have a guided meditation and practice some beautiful tuning in, you can go to the art of tuning holding-space and sign up registration, again, totally free. So I'd love to see you there. And if you can't join live, you can always watch the recordings. And they're there as a practice each week to give us something to anchor into.


So today, we were doing heart and earth and we were tuning into the resonance of each. And there are times when I will say, what does this have to share with you today. And one of the things that can happen when we begin to want to receive intuitive guidance, is when we ask questions like that we can jump into our heads. And we can think, Okay, I'm asking a question, and I'm going to receive intuitive information, and is going to come like sentences or voices in my head, and I'm going to understand it. And that can be very frustrating. And it takes us out of this beautiful aligned state, which is a very different frequency than when we are thinking, thinking thinking, right? Because we're in our body, and we're resonating just very differently. And so if you find yourself in a beautiful, you know meditative space space, and you're asking those questions, and you find yourself jumped to your head, just breathe and say, oh, wait a minute, let me come back down into my heart, let me come back down into my belly, let me drop back down into the earth. And remember that intuitive resonance, receiving intuitively, receiving information from a broader frequency is a different wave.


And intuitive information can hit very fast, very light. And you can feel it you or sense it or know it, it can be a vibration, and it can be a whole complete understanding in one moment. Instead of you know, I'm learning and I'm taking in information through sentences and somebody's talking to me, it's a whoosh most of the time.


So when we're in this meditative space, and we begin to tune in and and we begin to gently ask those questions like how can I be in this receiving place of information, remember to remain in that very open and receiving place of information, so that that information can come in, in a different way. And that may help you from jumping into our heads, you know, jumping in here and, and thinking it's supposed to look or sound or be a certain way, which takes us out of that beautiful space that we've aligned ourselves in.


So take away for today, join us on holding space. Love to meet you and see you and I'd really love for you to be able to have practices that you can anchor into during the week. Thank you for joining me. See you soon. Have a beautiful day. Bye

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