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Letting Go of Resistance for Easier Healing

healing resistance surrender Nov 14, 2021

Resistance is the opposite frequency of healing. Letting go of resistance allows for easier healing. When we want to heal, surrendering the resistance allows our energy to be released inside our body and used for our healing.⁠

In our culture this is scary for many people because we've been taught that surrender is "giving up." And when we want so badly to heal, we would never want to "give up." ⁠

It takes a lot of energy to stay in resistance.⁠

A helpful tool may be to learn more about refocusing your anxiety.

A mindset shift is necessary here and a way to begin is to take time to explore any fears that come up for you when you think about "surrendering into your healing... Letting go, relaxing into being... ect."⁠

We can hold on so tightly when we're afraid. It's understandable. Just know you're using energy reserves that are needed in your healing. And maybe it's time to explore your healing from a new vantage point?.

Tune in to your healing & transformation, as you reconnect to your energetic wisdom!


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