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How different emotions can obstruct clear intuition | #031

block emotions inituition Nov 22, 2020
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When we have emotions coming up (anger, frustration, fear, worry, jealousy, sadness, grief, loss) all of these emotions give us important information about how we feel.. But they often pull us out of our alignment and usually we cut ourselves off from receiving clear, intuitive guidance. And the reason is because all of those emotional states compress, or force our energy to move in different ways where we’re not grounded. So, the most important thing to learn if you want to be able to clearly receive more intuitive wisdom, is to have the skills of  aligning your energy – even when it’s difficult. Please join me in this episode as I share some helpful insights about how different emotions can obstruct the receiving of clear intuition.

Episode #031 transcript | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Intro:  Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.  


Hi, everybody, it’s Maria, I want to welcome you today, I got a question from – actually a couple people, a few questions came in, that all had a very similar topic. And it was about intuition, energy fields, taking on energy, knowing when we’re not receiving guidance, how to shift that how to know? So there were all of these different levels in there, and I’m going to talk about them.

I’m going to talk about intuition in this podcast. And when we can cut ourselves off, and another episode I’m going to talk about taking on energy. In both of those, of course, we’re going to be weaving in the energy fields. I hope that this gives you a nice, fun, and good perspective in this topic. 

~Tuning in to our breath~


Before we jump in, as always, let’s align our energy first with some nice breathing. Please take a nice, long inhale, however, you’re going to make your exhale even longer than your inhale was. As you exhale, just let everything go. let everything go… Your nervous system to calm and when you’re ready, take another breath in, and then another breath out. And just allow your heart to relax. Posture elongates… Let your energy move into more of a peaceful and focused state. Good. Thank you.

I always say that the more we do that, throughout our day, the more of course we’re able to realign our energy and to calm our nervous system. But also, I bring it up every single week, because it’s takes time sometimes to put something new into our lifestyle. And if we hear it over and over again, I’m hoping that you’ll be going about your day and you’ll say, “Oh, right, I should do some breathing for just a moment.” Just make it really simple for yourself, and then it becomes part of your regular lifestyle, and you have a tool there of alignment. 

How do we cut off our intuition?


Speaking of alignment, let’s jump right into how we cut off our intuition. This is really simple to understand, when you’re in the middle of it, though, it can be kind of tough. So give yourself some space here if you’re dealing with a lot of emotions. 

So when we have emotions that are coming up when we’re in a state of fear, when we’re in a state of loss, sadness, when we’re in a state of anger, frustration, all of those places, right, that don’t feel good jealousy, right, all of these alignments of energy that are not aligned with peace. When we’re in those states, we cut ourselves off from being aligned with a clear, intuitive knowing. 

All of those emotional states compress, or force our energy to move in different ways where we’re not grounded. 

The very first thing in finding anything that you’re going to find out in intuitive way is to be able to align your energy. When I say align your energy, you hear me always, if you listen to this podcast, always talk about energetic alignment. That’s because when I see energetic alignment, I see ourselves coming into our center, aligning with the earth, aligning with the universe, aligning with our internal energy that moves straight up and down the center of our body. And moving into that space first. 

Of course, people need to learn skills, how to move into that in internal and aligned space. But once that alignment is manifested, once it’s tuned into, it becomes a space of clarity and what I call a space of energetic neutrality.

Energetic neutrality

Energetic neutrality is something that I teach. And it’s because when you move into a space of energetic neutrality, you’re no longer in a space of judgment, you’re no longer in a space of overwhelming emotional energy that is actually pulling you from your center. So energetic neutrality doesn’t mean that you don’t care. It doesn’t mean that you’re passive. It doesn’t mean that you’re just numbing out. 


Energetic neutrality is actually a vibrational state that allows you to hear, see, feel know, be guided by a deeper internal wisdom without letting all the emotional chaos kind of gunk up the way or literally put a cover, like a lid on you expanding your energy to be able to receive guided information. 

Emotional Loss

When we have a deep emotional loss, a lot of times people will say, you know, I can’t hear anything or really feel my guidance, some people really want to tune into the person that they lost, or somebody passed away, for example, it’s very difficult to tune into that kind of loss when you’re feeling a deep loss because your energy becomes compressed. And this is really normal.

This is why people will seek guidance from you know, a spiritual, intuitive spiritual medium to help connect with their loved ones, you can certainly connect with your loved ones, but you need to often heal, remove, release the deep emotions that you’re feeling in the moment.

That takes time when we deal with deep emotional loss, for example, that moves into the energetic space and energy of our lungs. And it literally depresses our lung energy. When our lung energy is depressed, it’s very heavy, we feel very tired, it’s normal, because we are feeling deep loss.

And, when we begin to clear that energy, we feel lighter, we are able to get through more of our day of our week of our month because our energy is lighter and more moving, it doesn’t mean we still don’t feel the deep loss loss can go on for a really, really long time. 

There’s no timeframe where you should heal that you know or not heal that. That’s a very individual feeling. But just having an understanding for some people, that one of the reasons why they feel so tired.

One of the reasons why they feel so depressed, why they feel they really can’t connect the way maybe they used to, to source or ground their energy and alignment, is because the energy of the lungs carries the grief. This becomes really congested when we’re feeling sorrow, and when the energy congest’s it stagnates and it becomes heavy.

Anger, frustration, jealousy, resentment…


It’s the same thing if we’re feeling anger, frustration, jealousy, resentment in Chinese Medicine again, in Medical Qigong, which is where I am speaking from those energies reside in the organ of our liver, and our gallbladder. And those energies when we’re feeling them, they become very hot and very stagnant.

So again, we become consumed, right, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase people become consumed by their rage, they come become consumed by their jealousy…

Whenever we have emotions, where we are deeply feeling them. And again, this is completely non judgmental. We should feel emotions, but it’s about processing through those emotions as healing and efficiently as we can so that we’re not dragging them with us and those emotions are not consuming our energy because that is what happens it consumes our life force our vital energy. 

Worry, pensiveness, overwork, overthinking…

So when we worry, we have the same in Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, the worry, the pensiveness, the overwork, the overthinking is all held in our spleen and our stomach areas. When we’re consumed by that we drain energy. 



Our fear is all held in our kidney area, our ability to move forward and stand up tall is is consumed by this fear and we lose our energy. So when we’re in emotional states, it is very hard to align ourselves in a way where we’re going to hear the neutral and beautiful guidance from that neutral vibrational place that we need to be in order to really be clear to really have clarity. 


One of the things that people know especially probably if you’re listening here in this podcast, you are someone who is energetically inclined and probably highly intuitive in your own way. Whether that be hearing, seeing, feeling knowing, right tasting, smelling, all of those different aspects. And you’ve probably gotten some sort of intuitive reading with someone before or maybe you’re someone who gets intuitive readings. You’ll know that the reading, the intuition that comes forth is only as good as that person or yourself can remain in a neutral, energetically aligned vibrational state. 

True intuition feels clear

That true intuitive information when it comes in it is a feeling of clarity, it is free of weight, or judgment or opinion, it is simply an energetic vibration of what I call neutral clarity is very fast. And it’s very clear.

So if we’re dealing with spaces in ourselves, where we’re not clear, where we’re dealing with emotional upheavals, it’s a little bit unrealistic for us to think that we can immediately move into a space of that energetic alignment and neutrality without having tools where we practice them regularly. It’s not that we can’t move into that space, it’s that we need to learn the tools to practice it. 

And what I always tell people is that the more we practice the tools on a regular basis, the more we incorporate these alignment practices, the soul Mind Body practices into our daily life into our lifestyle. However, that works for us, I’m not talking about sitting down for eight hours a day, meditating or doing Qigong…

I’m talking about bringing in practices on a daily basis that work with our lifestyle, depending on the goals that we want to achieve. When we do that on a regular basis, it becomes so much easier to become consciously aware of how we’re feeling number one, and where do we want to move into so many people are guided by their emotional state, and not guided by their aligned state? That is a huge difference. 

You can shift your vibration…


Sometimes I hear from my members in my membership, that they didn’t realize – they’re so grateful that they’ve been practicing the tools – because they didn’t really realize that they could change their vibration, they actually could change their state of being themselves and have it be quite faster than they thought it would be. Because they’re using the tools often will say they didn’t realize that they were moving through their life led by their emotions, because it just was how they did it. 

Are you triggered by other people’s emotional states?


Then the other thing that came up recently, and I really wanted to share living our life through other people’s emotions, meaning are we constantly triggered by other people’s states of being, and we’re allowing it to affect our state of being. Again, that’s another topic for another day. But it is something to think about because we can use great excuses to bring ourselves out of alignment.

It does take practice…

It takes practice and time to understand how you align your energy and to learn how your energy moves – to learn how your emotions affect you, and to learn how to love your emotions and love the information that they have to share with you, because they really do.

I would never want someone to move from a state of grief into instantaneously a state of joy, because there are processes that they’re learning in that state of grief. But there is a space for relief and there is a space of transformation. 

I wish you a beautiful week as always a space of great alignment. And I thank you for being here. 


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