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Gentle neck stretch

neck pain stress tension Jan 02, 2023

Oh platysma how I love you so! 

It's a funny thing, but when you have neck pain, it's essential that you stretch the front of your neck. Most people will do neck circle, after neck circles to try to open up their neck... And neck circles are great, but each part of our body balances the opposite part. So, in order to open the back of your neck where you're feeling the tightness, we have to allow the front of the neck to release too.

The front of our neck gets really tight from looking down at our phones, computer and even holding the steering wheel in our car. And this tightness can also affect our ability to breath easier.

To start off the new year, I just added a gentle front opening neck stretch (taken as an excerpt from one of my master classes) and I hope it will support you during your day. 

*Of course if you have any neck injuries or disc problems, please don't do this exercise until you get permission from your Chiropractor or other licensed medical doctor.

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Much love,

Dr. Maria

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