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Is doing nothing more spiritual? | #060

action decision non-action Sep 24, 2021

Often we can't see a 360 degree viewpoint when we're in the middle of our "stuff."  We can take action to quickly, or without being centered in what's really aligned for all involved (especially us).  We can react and respond and actually make things worse than they were before.  So is doing nothing a more spiritual approach to staying positive and keeping shining brightly? Or is taking action necessary? Is it either or? Please join me in today's episode "Action vs. Non-Action"

Episode #060 Transcript

[Intro] Welcome to the art of tuning in podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.
Hi, everybody, welcome. Thank you for joining me in Episode #60. We're going to be talking about action versus non action. What does that mean?
I was really inspired to jump on and do this podcast right now. Because I literally just finished a master class with my online studio membership, where we were talking about boundaries, energetic boundaries, emotional boundaries, personal boundaries... And a topic came up about when to take action, versus not taking action.

Is doing nothing more spiritual?

When we feel our boundaries being infringed upon, for example, or we're dealing with a difficult situation, do we just stop and do nothing and allow things to unfold? Or, do we actually jump in?
And, is jumping in really going against the peaceful alignment that we want to have?
So I was thinking about the action, versus non action, which is very much a part of Eastern philosophy, and the spirituality of developing yourself. Right now, I know that it's very challenging. I know, it's very challenging for myself, and I hear it from my members, from my clients from, you know, people who who share with me, my friends, that they really want to stay positive, and they're trying to do everything in their life to stay positive. But they're seeing a lot of negativity, how to really navigate that. And staying quiet and not participating sometimes feels like you're just ignoring it. And there's been so much in our history where people did have to step forward and take action in order to create change.
So this has always been something in especially in the spiritual community, where we talk about being aligned, where we talk about stepping back observing, where we don't want to get involved in the negativity, where we want to keep a positive light... This is something that can be a little bit confusing (or frustrating probably is a better word than confusing) around what to do with all of these emotions that come up what to do with the actual situations that come up.
And so I want to just offer an insight that I hope might ease the frustration, and it's about the action, versus non action. It's not about not taking action, it's always about taking aligned action.
And in order to get to the aligned action, we have to quiet and center ourselves. That's the non-action. That's the going within, right the art of tuning in.
That's the taking the steps to ground to center to be quiet, to expand into that 360 degree view point that you get when you're able to tune in. And of course, if you don't know how to do that you can learn.
It's about taking a moment, it's about stepping back, it's about learning to go within yourself. When we do that, we move into a state of alignment, where we're able to receive guided correct action.

Want is correct action?

And when I say correct action, what I mean is correct action for your highest good and for the highest good of the situation that you are dealing with.
When we step into ourselves... When we move into a quiet space, we learn how to ground our energy, when we're able to just pause we connect with a part of our knowing of our wisdom, you could say your higher self, you could say God, you could say nature, the earth, the universe, it's all a higher vibration of energy that's there to guide us with a greater wisdom - that sees a 360 degree viewpoint, that we can't see when we're right in the middle of all the stuff.
So when we're able to step in there, and then we're able to hear it, we're able to hear see sense, feel, smell, know what to do next. Again, that's in alignment with the greater good of all concerned, then we take aligned action.
When we don't do that, what happens is that we tend to just act out or move forward and we are reacting and responding from a place of emotion and from a place of miss-aligned action.

Responding from our Emotions & not our Center...

Now when I say that we are responding from a place of emotion. I don't want that to spark things in people, our emotions can lead us in a good way. And our emotions can lead us in not such a great way. Emotions are movements of energy in our body, they are very, very important for us to know how we're feeling to know, for example, in my membership studio topic today, we talked about boundaries...  How is someone stepping on those boundaries? Or what kind of boundaries do you want to have? Sometimes we can have some really strong emotional feelings that come up when those things happen.

It's about how we tune in...

So then it's about as we tune into ourselves, do we tune into our alignment so that we can understand those emotions, and use those emotions to guide us in a good way?
Or do we just respond quickly and act out quickly from that emotion that sparking up?

Emotions are wonderful...

Emotions are wonderful. And we need emotions to know what is getting set off in us that we would like to respond to.
But it's when we're getting kind of cross fired all the time, which I think is what's happening now is that there's so much emotion in the world flying around, because there's so much information in the world flying around. And people are just reacting and responding. Or they're tending to become numb to it, which we don't want.
We don't want to become numb to our emotions, what we want is to be able to tune in and see how we're feeling know how we're feeling.

We will be guided...

Take a moment, tune into a higher vibration of wisdom that guides us forward, because it will guide us in the right direction if we allow it to. But we have to take a breath, we have to step back. And we have to practice it.
You know, sometimes this doesn't happen immediately. We need to practice tuning in, and practice grounding.
One of the comments that came in recently from a member who's been working with me in the studio for the last year and she's dealing with an incredible amount of stress right now and she's really being able to put in place right now what she's been practicing, and really being able to ground her energy.

Think in new ways...

And so I bring that up to learn new skills. And to think in a new way, if we're used to reacting and responding, for example, just something comes in and we go right forward and take care of it without stopping for a moment to check in to see if it's the right direction. If we're not used to doing that, it can take a little bit to get used to that. And there's nothing wrong with that because we all create new changes.

Yin & Yang (Action vs. Non-Action)...

Action versus non-action is a very Yin and Yang, beautiful stage of balance and they work together.
It's not either or. 
And that's where I think we may have gotten a little bit lost in thinking that just only think about positive thoughts, we can take action and still hold ourselves in light.
We can take action and still think positively and think of a greater expansion.
It's never either, or when we're truly guided by divine guidance.
You know, just as a side note, stepping into yourself, tuning into yourself and taking a moment is creating a healthy boundary. It's knowing what you need to do for yourself, and there's nothing healthier than that.
Honor your energy, and let's remember to just take a step back - just take a moment.. A moment of non-action to align your energy, before stepping forward into an aligned action of what exactly is best for your life and your soul's journey.
ecnter ourselves tune into who we are.
[Outro] Thank you for tuning in. If you'd like to learn more and elevate your energetic well being I invite you to visit the art of tuning where you can learn all about our online studio. I look forward to meeting you there.

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