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How to set goals from your heart and mind? | #035

2021 consistency goals heart mind Jan 07, 2021

Today I’d like to share an easy and peaceful process of connecting your heart and mind as you set your personal goals.

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Transcript episode #035 | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

[Intro] Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.

Hello, happy new year! Welcome to 2021! I’m really, really excited about the energy of the new year. I know that it’s not necessarily going to be easy. But I also know that we are all coming into 2021 with a great deal of wisdom…. Wisdom that we may not have had in 2020. And I think a lot of wisdom that we might still be discovering that we do have.

Wait, please don’t roll your eyes…

Today I want to talk about goals. And before you go, “Oh, no,” and roll your eyes, I think this is really important for this new year, because everything that we have known to be what we’re used to, may be up in the air. And for some people, it’s more up in the air than others. It’s really important to look at goals in a really positive and grounded way.

But first, if you’re new to my podcast, welcome. I’m an energetic, intuitive and a spiritual medium, and a physician of Chinese Medicine who specializes in Medical Qigong. My online membership is The Art Of Tuning In. I want to welcome everyone who’s been listening to this podcast. Thank you for being here, it means so much to me. I always begin our podcast with a moment just to take a deep breath, a nice long inhale through your nose and an even longer exhale through your mouth. And this allows you to be really present, to calm the energy of your nervous system, and to calm your heartbeat. The more we practice this, the more we get used to being present in our lives.

Being present has everything to do with being a good goal setter and actually following through. So in my online membership, we have a section called the “Monthly tune up.” But the one rule that I have is that members are only allowed to set one goal. And the reason for this is because most people either get completely overwhelmed by goals and they don’t want to set anything or they set so many goals that they get completely scattered, which of course scatters their energy (which we’re going to talk about in a minute) and they can’t complete them and they feel like a failure. Either scenario is not great at building our energetic system and actually moving us forward in life.

If we don’t begin the process of learning how to ground our energy, before we move into any project, or any goal of a project, or any just situation that we want to shift, maybe we want to add something to our day, or we want to take away something in our day, if we don’t begin our thought process through a grounded place. And what I mean by that is that it’s as important to ground your energy first and get in alignment as it is to set a goal that works for you.

Why release and clear?

So by learning how to release and clear your energy. Release the nervousness, release the fear, release the anxiety, release and relax. This allows for energy to begin to flow inside your body and allows for the energy to begin to flow in your energy fields. And it allows your viewpoint, the way that you see the world to begin to flow and to expand, which is really important because when we set goals we want to set goals from a place of being able to see an expanded point of view. We want to be able to expand as we move forward.

If we’re scattered, sometimes we set goals because we feel scared. And we feel like we have to change something. We’re dealing with a lot of fear that’s propelling the goal. But it’s not really a goal that’s coming from our heart center.

Heart & Mind Alignment…

One of the things that I teach over and over again, is the heart and the mind alignment. When we’re able to align our heart and our mind, we’re able to move through life from our heart, and allow the wisdom that’s in our mind, and that’s in our heart to work together. When we move through fear, we of course, have no alignment of that heart and mind.

If you’re someone who is excited about setting a goal, or if you’re someone who’s a little scared about setting a goal, or if you’re someone who’s overwhelmed by setting goals, (and I’ll get to that one in a moment), always begin by grounding your energy.

Because your intention, the intention that you set with goal setting is as important as actually following through with the goal. If your intention is unclear if you don’t really have a why, if you don’t really know why it’s important for you to do something that you want to create a new goal, then you don’t really have any motivation to follow through with it. This is why in my membership, I ask people to only focus on one thing each month. If we were to focus on one thing every month, and we were to really truly complete that goal… By the end of the year, we’d have 12 new things that we added into our life, or 12 things that we’ve taken away in our life. And over time, that builds up to a real substantial shift.

Looks great on paper…

Most of the time, people have all these goals they want to set. And it looks really great on paper, but they haven’t aligned the goal with their heart and mind and not a lot gets done. By the end of the year, they haven’t really put into place any kind of changes.

If you’re someone who gets really overwhelmed by setting goals, probably because you’ve tried to set goals before and you just don’t seem to follow through with them, sometimes we get to a place where we’re not even sure what goals to set anymore.


Our brains get used to what we’re used to doing, we create habits actually within our brain.

For example, if you’ve gone through a period where you haven’t followed through on things that you’ve started, your brain and your energetic system, actually get used to the fact that you’re not going to follow through on something, and you have to rewire and you have to change that circumstance. You want to change that circumstance because you want all of you supporting you in your new endeavor.

To create that shift, where you begin to follow through on things, is to begin to rewire your brain, energetic system and your emotional system to learn that you actually will follow through on what you say. And this, of course has everything to do with consistency.

Trouble with consistency?

So, if you’re someone who has a hard time being consistent, you want to start in very small steps. The first thing that you want to look at, is do you actually set yourself up for failing? I mean that with so much love in my heart! This is not judgmental at all. But again, we get used to patterns.

And if your energy, if your mind, if your heart is already saying, “I’m not gonna follow through on this, but I know I’m supposed to set a goal.” You’ve already defeated that energy.

Whatever we put into intention is what goes before us.

Energy follows our thinking. Energy follows the emotions that come up for us, energy goes before us. This is really important to understand that the energy that we create in ourselves moves out in front of us.

Grounding is everything!

As I said earlier it’s so important to ground our energy before setting a goal. When we ground our energy and we set an intention, we’re putting energy out before us that is actually creating the energetic space that our new goal is going to reside in.

When I talk to people about changing goals. or becoming more consistent in their life, the reason why I say start with one thing is because I care more that they’re learning how to ground their energy, set the intention, and allow that energy to hold the space for the new “whatever it is that they want to do,” because if they can learn to do that with one goal, they can learn to do it with many goals.

This is incredibly valuable once you really get it. It’s hard to talk about it, or just think about it, you have to really feel it and experience it. So I’d like to take you through a quick process right now that you could use to get yourself grounded, and to allow your energy to set a space for your goal and what you want to do. And of course, you can listen back to this episode and be guided when you’re ready to do so.

The Heart Process…


  • Create a quiet space for yourself, maybe light a candle, maybe you can turn on some nice music, if you want for yourself, it’s better if it doesn’t have any lyrics to it. And it’s just a musical background. Light some incense, if that’s your thing, or some aroma therapy, just create a sacred space for yourself. Set aside at least 15 minutes. 30 is even better, where you tell the people in your life that you cannot be disturbed right now. Turn off your phone, your computer, and you’re just going to dedicate this time to setting a sacred space for yourself.
  • As you sit down, allow yourself to begin to breathe. Feel free to do the breathing that we always do at the beginning of this podcast, which is a nice long inhale through your nose, and then even longer exhale out your mouth.
  • And as you’re doing that breathing, allow your body to relax, don’t worry about what you’re going to think about. Don’t worry about your goals. Don’t worry about anything, just give yourself some space to allow your energy to sink into the earth. Allow your body to relax and allow your connection with yourself to be the most important thing that there is.
  • When you can sense that you are connected with yourself, that’s when you begin to think about (from your heart cente) what is most important for you this month, to create for yourself.
  • Don’t think about the year, don’t think about many months ahead, think about one thing that’s really important for you to create for yourself, and allow that really important thing to come out from the energy of your heart space. So this is not a mental thing, this is not I should do this, or I should do that. Or everybody else is doing this. It’s you connected fully with you into your heart space as to what’s most important for you this month, and allow that energy, allow that thought form to come out from your hearts energy and just hold it in front of you and be with whatever that is.
  • What is that one thing that’s really important for you this month? Look at it. Appreciate it. And then when you’re ready, just bring it back into your heart – into you. And very slowly take a deep breath, take your time opening your eyes and begin to move through your day.

Once a day…

If you do this one practice every single day, whatever it is that you are wanting to achieve that month will come with ease because you are fully embodying it.

You’re not creating demands for yourself, you’re not saying I should. But it’s something that’s coming from such a deep space within you from your true self from your heart space, that it will be effortless because it’s totally in alignment with who you are and what you need during this time during this month.

I know that it’s very different than what most people will say writing out all of your goals creating steps. But if you’re someone who really struggles with goal setting, and if you’re someone who struggles even more with accomplishing those goals, another way to really anchor in the energy of shifting anything in your life is to always go into your center, to always ground your energy to always connect to your heart space and to bring out from yourself What you truly want.

Scattered energy or focused energy?

We can get so scattered (especially everything that’s happening right now in our world). We are constantly distracted, it takes a lot of focus, and a lot of discipline actually to be able to commit to your own wel- being. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re someone who wants to do that.

And so by understanding what you really want, not distracted by everything else in the world, you actually bring that energy out into your energetic field, and you move through your life with that energy.

I know that shifting things in our life, that are not serving us anymore is really important. Having a monthly goal is something that can inspire us. So if you’re thinking about goals, because this is a time when everybody does, just remember that we’re also still in the time of the winter energy. I’ve spoken about this on other episodes as well. But the winter energy is about going within. This is a time of deep energy and deep connection with our kidneys, and truly restore our energy. It’s the time where we want to rest.

Sometimes when we want to rest the last thing in the world we want to do is to create goals. So, if you’re someone who’s struggling with feeling like the world is telling you that you should be out there doing this and doing that, please remember that this time of year was very much built on economy and finances. This is a new quarter, the new starting of the year, people creating new things and selling new things. If you feel in disharmony with lunging forward and moving into action, you’re actually very in harmony with nature. This is a time of rest. It’s a time of deep meditation, it’s a time to restore our energy.

And so this practice of being able to sit and breathe and ground your energy, align your heart and mind and bring out your true desire from your heart space… From your truest wisdom self… This is a practice that actually is a wonderful alignment with this winter time, because it’s just a connection practice.

If you’re one of my monthly members, go to the monthly tune up section and do this practice. It will make a huge difference.

And if you’re not a member, come on over and visit us!

I’d love to have you join us. I’d love to work with these processes with you. We have a new masterclass actually coming up next week, we’re going to be doing “kidney breathing” and allowing our energy to really restore and we’re going to be talking about goals more, allowing you to ask your questions. So if this is something you’re needing right now, please visit

I wish you the most beautiful week. I wish you a safe week. I wish you an aligned week and I wish you a week of pure heart and mind connection. Thanks for being here. I’ll see you next week.

[Outro] Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to learn more and elevate your energetic well being I invite you to visit The Art Of Tuning In Podcast comm where you can learn all about our online studio. I look forward to meeting you there.


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