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“The real deal…”   

 “I’ve worked with Maria remotely from NY and have seen her in person. I can’t say enough about her intuitive accurateness. She’s spot on!

Maria’s work is the real deal. If you’re looking to make a change, you’ve come to the right place! But, honestly, it doesn’t matter where you are; if your intent is true… She will meet you there!”  

Mam Smith, New York, NY | Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat, Choreographer & Professional Stuntwoman

“Remotely, or in person – I’ve had exceptional experiences…”

“My experience with Maria has been exceptional and my health has improved dramatically. I have had treatments in person and at a distance.

What surprised me was that, although each treatment is different, the results were equally as significant whether I was in her office or lying peacefully at home in Canada.”

David Miller, British Columbia, Canada | CEO

“Intuition and knowledge…”

“Maria you constantly amazed me with your vast knowledge of the subject matter, and incredible intuitiveness.

I have never been taught by someone who possessed such a strong passion and enthusiasm for teaching… You have awakened a desire in me with this work.”

K.R., Las Vegas, NV | Medical Qigong Therapist

“Gentle yet direct guidance…”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Maria for over 10 years and counting.  Dr. M’s attention to detail and wonderful intuitive skills offer powerful tools with instantaneous relief and greater connection to oneself, and the world around me.

With her gentle yet direct guidance, Dr. M helps get to know the deeper self in a safe and loving manner.”

Liat Golan, CMT | Los Angeles, CA 


"Knowledge and enthusiasm..."

“Maria’s knowledge, and the information she teaches is not only practical for living a healthy life, it is imperative for anyone in the complementary healthcare industry.

Her enthusiasm and love for the work is contagious!”

Victoria Sainsbury-Carter, L.A., CA | E.H.P., B.M.C., E.H.T.

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Yes, sounds amazing!

“Avoided series injury…”

“Dear Maria, Your Qigong classes have helped me in my massage practice and my life… I believe that I have avoided serious injury over the past 5 years because of your Qigong and movement classes.  Thank you.” 

D. H., Los Angeles, CA | Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist


“When I started seeing Maria a year ago, I was in quite a lot of pain and feeling very run down due to my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  

Her treatments have reduced my pain so much that I am no longer on pain medication and have much more energy.

 This work has truly changed my life.”

S. G., Sherman Oaks, CA | Mother

“Re-opened a door for us…”

“Dr. Maria, you have assisted us more than we can express – you guided us to focus and helped us gain clarity both individually and as a couple. Your objectivity, sensitivity, and intuitiveness re-opened an important door for us.”

K. R. & M.C. | Doha, Qatar


“As an artist, it’s amazing to feel resistance unlock…

I had the pleasure of working with Maria Furlano for an intensive, one–to–one week long training.  As an artist it was amazing to feel the pockets of tension and resistance, start to unlock. 

From the first session with Maria, I felt empowered. I continue to practice and my life continues to shift in positive ways. As an artist I am more open, confident and empowered to be myself. As a teacher, I am more human, open and I’m able to teach in a way I’ve never taught before. 

My mind is not clouded, it is more precise and direct and I can see more clearly and create more of the space in my life that supports me. Thank you Dr. M.

Kirsten McKinney, Houston, TX |  Award Winning Choreographer, Master Teacher 

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“Depression and anxiety…”

“I was referred to Maria as a last resort after trying traditional Western medicine, therapy, medications, and other resources used to address almost 22 years of severe, debilitating and immobilizing depression.  I self-medicated with alcohol for many years, created a very unhealthy work-life balance due to a stressful and demanding job.

What had the greatest impact, were the customized prescriptions she gave me to supplement the sessions.  Currently, my depression is completely managed, as well as the downstream impacts.  

I have experienced a significant increase in my energy levels, mental clarity, attitude, and physical endurance.”

Private Client | San Francisco, CA

“Organs, chakras and energy system…”

“Maria is amazing.  She taught us how to feel into our own organs, chakras, and energy system to witness our own healing.  Great experience.”

M. B., Los Angeles, CA | Professor

“Kind, patient & nonjudgmental

I’ve been working with Maria for almost a year. It’s hard to describe all the benefits I’ve received since I began working with her. I started seeing her for the treatment of a medical condition. At first I didn’t realize how much I would get our of our sessions.

With her help my health has improved, but more importantly  I have an inner peace and ability to deal with life’s challenges.  Maria is patient, kind and nonjudgmental.  She has a very special place in my heart.  I highly recommend working with her!!”

Sharon Porrello | Connecticut

“Wheezing subsided…”

“Maria after our Medical Qigong Therapy session last week, my wheezing immediately subsided.  I’m practicing the medical Qigong and breathing techniques you have prescribed, and am feeling stronger everyday. Thank you!”

L.B., San Diego, CA. | Artist 


“Game changer…” 

Maria is the difference between surviving and succeeding! As a professional stuntman, I'm very capable; but there have been physical and emotional traumas that have been beyond my ability to process alone…

All I can say is, Maria Furlano is exceptional if you're serious about taking it to the next level.”

Drew Reade, NYC | Professional Stuntman | TV: “Gotham,” “Black List,” “Jessica Jones” Film: “Okja,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Central Intelligence” 

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Yes, sounds amazing!

“She’s able to see what’s going on…”

“Maria was a GREAT Qigong expert and acupuncturist.  She took me, an absolute mess and was able to start me on my way to a healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone.  

She was able to see what was going on with me even when several western MD’s could not figure it out.”.

Brooke Geer Persón | Glendale, CA

“Easy to put to use…”

“Maria explains the material in such a simple way.  It’s easy to understand, grasp and easy to put to use in my professional practice and my own life.”

L. L., Los Angeles, CA | Energy Healing Practitioner, Body Mind Counselor

“Whiplash injury”

“I have seen Maria for a variety of ailments and pain during the past two years…  Recently I had a minor whiplash injury with neck and shoulder pain, and after one treatment my pain was 95% better, and has remained that way all week! Thank you Maria for who you are and what you do.  You are truly a healer.”

R. T., Sherman Oaks, CA | Homeopathic Physician

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“Chronic Fatigue, FMS…”

“Several years after a very bad car accident, it took my doctors years to diagnose that I had FMS, Chronic Fatigue. With thousands of dollars in tests and treatments along with the many prescription drugs, I was still suffering daily. I was getting sicker, weaker, mentally and physically stressed.

I had gained almost 70 lbs. along with many side effects from the drugs prescribed to me.  Finding Maria was a wonderful blessing.

Her understanding of the natural healing arts along with her gifted healing energies helped my body to begin healing and to continue to heal.  Through the many styles of treatments she offers, my body was able to start cleansing itself of the many years of toxins my body had accumulated.  She helped me to be patient in my healing process.

Today, I walk without my cane or forearm crutches.  I am prescription medication free.  I am pain free most of the time, and I have lost 60 lbs.  I love Maria.  

She has passion in her work, compassion for her patients along with the knowledge about how the body is able to heal itself.”

L. P., Los Angeles, CA | Artist & Mother

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“You don’t have to live this way;  we will figure this out…”

“It is no exaggeration to say that Maria Furlano saved my life.  After many months of mysterious and horrendous symptoms, multiple visits to doctors of various specialties, stacks of medical tests and biopsies that revealed nothing, and worsening to the point of being unable to work (or sometimes leave the house), I found Maria.  

She told me, “You don’t have to live this way; we will figure this out.”  It was the first time I’d felt hopeful in a very long time.

For some months, she worked with me with acupuncture and medical Qi Gong; referred me to others for herbs and additional treatments; monitored my nutrition; helped me process big emotions; and guided the process with unfailing warmth.  

My symptoms slowly lessened and then left.  Practicing her Qi Gong prescriptions restored my energy.  I well remember the first time I was able to play tennis again, how joyful that was.  

Today, I am healthy again and have a beautiful, healthy son.  I still turn to Maria for Qi Gong and other support and guidance, be it emotional or physical, and consider myself SO very lucky to have found her.”

Taylor M. | Ojai, CA.

“Loss of urinary control….”

“Maria is a caring and compassionate practitioner. I have suffered with the embarrassing and seldom discussed problem of the lack of urinary control for well over 10-years, ever since I was pregnant with my first child. 

After being told by my urologist that the only thing I could do was to take prescription drugs (which have horrible side effects), I decided to go to Maria for treatments.

With Maria’s advice, encouragement and specific exercises, I now have greater control over my bladder!”

K. G., Los Angeles, CA | Business Owner

“Intuitive abilities and insights get right to the root of the issues…”

“My experience was excellent and I would highly recommend Maria. Her depth of knowledge, experience and her intuitive abilities and insights get right to the root of the issues to begin the healing process.”

L. M., Los Angeles, CA | Business Executive

“Support and coaching is like being on a spiritual team…”

“I’ve worked with Dr. M from Boston, Cape Cod and New York. and it has been the most exhilarating, challenging, and satisfying work that I have ever had the privilege to experience.

The between session support and “Coaching” is like being on a spiritual team.

Maria get’s who you really are… and is willing to stick with you- until you become all you truly desire to be!”

M.S. Los Angeles, CA | Film Director

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