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Doubting Your Intuitive Guidance | episode 86

intuition intuitive guidance Dec 21, 2023


Transcript Doubting Your Intuitive Guidance | #086 | Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Hello, everyone, welcome. Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. I'm Maria Furlano. It's great to have you here today. And again, whether you're watching on my YouTube channel or you're listening on your favorite podcast app, I am so happy to be with you. If you'd like to hop over to YouTube @ Maria Furlano. Say hi, leave a comment, ask a question, share an insight. I'd love to see you over there as well. So welcome, happy holidays. It is December 21. It is the winter solstice. Beautiful, beautiful day. It's raining here. We're having quite a storm. But we welcome the winter. It's good to see you.

I have a great question again today. I just want to say I so appreciate the questions that you're sending in and I asked you please keep them coming, you can go to my website, And you can send an email there and ask a question or you can head on over to YouTube@Maria Furlano. And you can put your question or your insight in the comments. And I will see it there and be able to write it down and save it for a future episode. So thank you so much. It's just wonderful to hear from you.

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Here we go...

I got a great question. Let me read it to you. And we will jump in.

"Dr. Maria, it seems easy for you to trust and have faith in being guided. What advice would you give to someone who struggles with doubting their intuitive guidance?"

Great question. I think a lot of people struggle with this more than we think. And also just wanted to point out notice that I do not repeat the name of the person who put the question and I do that for confidentiality, making people feel safe that they can ask whatever question they want. And that it's it's safe to express themselves. So I figured the person knows who asked this question, and they'll hear the answer. So faith versus trust, and presence. That's what we're gonna share about today. That's how I'm going to help, hopefully put some guidance and maybe some new insights into this really wonderful question. So it hasn't always been totally easy for me to trust, the guidance, and to have faith in the guidance that has come in.

So I'm going to share with you a little bit about that process. But first, let me just define the difference between faith and trust, as people may know it, because faith is a knowing it's a belief system. Trust is an action. It's an act is actually a verb in the dictionary and it is an action that we take a conscious action that we take to decide to trust. So faith is a knowing a belief system. Trust is an action that we consciously take. And they really need to go together in order to create the space to allow in whatever it is that we want to allow. And when I say that I didn't always easily trust definitely didn't always easily have faith. I want to just share with you just a little bit about that because it may resonate with you.

I have always been highly intuitive as I'm sure if you're listening to this podcast, most likely you have always been highly intuitive. People are born intuitive. We are born with the senses, the knowing the feeling, the touching the tasting, the smelling, the seeing the hearing all of it, the sounds, all of it. We are born with that. And some people are more open to it, some people are more encouraged for it. And some people is just more kind of present and ready. And their environment that they grew up in, can nourish that and support that. But everybody has intuitive guidance and intuitive knowing and intuitive sensing and that, that that internal guidance system that is totally unique to them that whatever advice comes in from anybody else, it never compares to that internal knowing. But we turn it off, many of us turn it off at some point or turn it way, way down.

I don't think we can ever turn off our true intuitive knowing but we can stop listening to it in a way. And I know for me when I was very young, I think I was seven. And I remember very distinctively shutting it down. Because what I was experiencing at nighttime, I was seeing ghosts move in my room. I was hearing things I was very scared. And have I just talked to my mom about it, it would have been fine. Because you know, I found it years later, my mom is highly, highly intuitive. And she probably would have just nurtured me and just talked to me about it and said, Okay, well, that's nice, you know, just make sure that you're keeping yourself in the light. And you can always call on the angels and things like that, she would have probably done that. And I would have been fine. But instead I remember sitting in my driveway of my house and saying no more. And it is so strong in me that is so vivid in me that it's was a very powerful moment. And the reason why also I had to make sure I went back and remembered that powerful moment is because as I developed through my life, and I realized that intuition, and my intuitive gifts were really important to me, and they and when I shut them down, I often got sick, I didn't feel well, there were all kinds of things that came up. And then of course, going into my butt. And then of course going into my energetics training, my Medical Qigong training all of that beautifully and safely opens your intuitive gifts. And so as I was moving through reopening things, being conscious of things being okay with things,

I had to go back and remember the time when I consciously shut it down. And so I share this with you. Because you may also remember time when you consciously decided not to follow your intuitive guidance not to listen that it can't be true that it's you know, made up or whatever it is. And if you're listening to this episode, chances are that you don't really believe that that you really want your intuition to be a part of your life that you really want that guidance to move you step by step in your life. And so it can help to go back. And to remember that time and to acknowledge that it may have felt very necessary at that time. And to love that moment and just allow yourself to be okay with it. You didn't do anything wrong, it just that was what you needed to do at the time. And then to change that to shift that to make a new choice.

So do you remember when I said in the beginning, trust is a verb, and it's an action, it's a conscious action, to trust to trust in something, and it steps us forward. So by forgiving or releasing or healing, acknowledging all of that, a time when we consciously shut something down, we are now moving into a new state of trust, allowing for what is good for us now, what is for our highest well being now to emerge. So this is why the going back and the healing is important. Now, presence.

So in the beginning, I said we're gonna talk about faith, trust, and presence, presence, being present, being able to be aligned in yourself, which I talk about all the time, right moving into alignment, grounding into the earth, allowing yourself to extend and expand into the universe being aligned into your heart being grounded and lined into your center core of light. Allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment allows your energy to be with you instead of scattered and all outside of you and it allows you to be in a space where you can sense Whatever it is, you need to sense. So again, the intuitive senses, right hearing, smelling, seeing, knowing, tasting, touching, feeling. And you know, maybe even other things we don't know about.

But it allows you to be in the presence to be quiet enough to be aware enough for that guidance system to activate that intuitive guidance system to activate, there is something that I teach in my programs. And by the way, if you don't know, now is the time, Accessing Your Center Core of Light, my five month immersion is beginning for enrollment in January, and we begin on February 1. So if you are interested in learning how to access your ceter core of light, if having an aligned pathway of information for five months, with me personally, please go to the art of tuning Or you can go to the art of tuning forward slash five month immersion, look at the information and sign up for discovery call, I would love to talk to you about the program and see if it's a right fit for you. And I mentioned this, because within that program, and within many things that I've taught in the past, we address a topic that I call "Who has your spiritual back?" And what that means is what is it that you really believe in? We have been told so many things from the time we're born different belief systems, and it's wonderful, and it can serve us. But if it's not serving you, or if it's time to shift something, or if it's time to expand, it's very hard to have faith in something, if you don't resonate with it is very hard to trust something if you don't resonate with it. And so an answer to this question so beautifully asked, What advice would you give to someone who struggles with doubting their intuitive guidance? If you don't have an understanding of what it is you do believe in? And what I personally call who has your spiritual back? Meaning who is there for you? Who who is holding space with you? What are you tuning into?

Everything I teach is about frequency, and what frequency we're not only tuning into, but what frequency are we holding in order to be able to tune into what it is we want to tune into what we want to access. And so if you don't know what it is that you believe in, if you're scared, if you don't trust, if you have doubts, then you're cutting off a certain part of you, that can expand itself to receive the guidance, the intuitive guidance that is there for you. And it's there for you. It's coming in. It's not like it's not there for you. But you might not be hearing it. That's another thing. intuitive guidance is very subtle. It's a subtle frequency.

Now, when you're used to intuitive guidance, when it's a way of life for you when you're able to tune in and listen, it's quite loud, you know it, you absolutely know it. But when you're first starting to see what is my intuitive guidance, how do I receive intuitive information is this really intuitive information for me, it can be very subtle, like a whisper in the energy can be very light, it can be very fast. And it can be very fast moving, meaning that it comes in and it's gone. And so there's not a lot of long, deep conversations like we have here in the 3d world. It's a vision, it's a sense to sign. It's a knowing it's a hearing, it's a feeling, all of those things can be individual, it can be all at once. And if you're not really used to being present, right, this brings us back to presence. You can miss a lot. And so a lot of people I find they are hearing the intuitive guidance, they are sensing the intuitive guidance are seeing it they're knowing it. They're in it in their life. It's coming.

It's not like it's missing them or they're being left out is that they don't take enough time to be present and receive the guidance. This brings up another point. Yes, meditation is very important. Qigong exercises, I feel of course, are very important. They bring us into our alignment. They move the energy in our body. They allow us to be present. They expand our energetic system, they expand our health, and they open our intuitive gifts. All of those energetic practices do that. But we're not only receiving into would have information when we're practicing Qigong when we're doing meditation, the energetic mastery is doing those practices for your own health well being, enlightenment, vitality, all of that. But then how do you carry yourself into the rest of your day in your night? Do you do those practices, and then you just leave that space and you go out and your life is chaotic, and you're not really taking care of yourself, and you're not really listening and all of your energy is scattered out about you. And you can't really focus on anything too intently. Because there's too much energy that's going out from you. So then you're losing your presence. And this is not a criticism at all, this is very, very common.

The other big question that I have answered on podcast before, is I'm doing my Qigong practices, I'm doing my meditation, I'm, I'm allowing myself to have that time and space for myself, and I feel great, I feel great when I'm doing it, then when I leave, I go into my life. And it all seems to just disappear. And so I would say, well, the energy is dissipating. Because you're allowing through your lifestyle for the energy to dissipate, because again, not a criticism, you just haven't learned to be able to take that frequency from your practice into your life.

And of course, that is why we cultivate our energy. It's why we clear our energy. It's why we practice. So please join me in accessing your center core of light, because you're going to learn to clear your vibration, you're going to learn to clear your body, you're going to learn to cultivate your energy. And the whole point is to be able to align yourself and carry that forward into everything that you do in your life. And so as you learn to do that, you learn to move into your life with a state of presence. Where you pick up things differently, you learn to look through things differently. I've spoken before, and I'm sure many podcasts now about the energy behind someone's words, can you follow the energy behind what's going on, when you follow the energy behind what's going on, you can see the truth of a lot of things, there can be a lot of smoke and mirrors that are placed in front of you a lot of you know who rah rah.

But when you follow the energy behind it, and you're very present, you can understand the more truth of situations. And it's the same in your own guidance system, when you are present and aligned the universe, whoever has your spiritual back, and that is part of your belief system can communicate with you more easily. So again, I believe we're always being communicated with it's it's not like anybody is left out. It's where are we on the frequency scale, that we can hear it or not, that we can take it in or not, that we understand what it is we're seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, tasting, knowing right, all of the senses.

And I always repeat that just so you know, it, especially if you're new here, I always say sensing and I always repeat hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling all of that because a lot of people think that if they don't see something that they don't have any intuition, that is something in the spiritual and energetic community that has been used a lot. You know, I see this, I see that I saw this. And so people take that literally, and they say, Well, I didn't see anything. I don't see colors. I don't see images. I don't I don't do that. So I don't I don't have any intuition. And that is of course not true. Because you may feel it.

There's a whole series that I have about intuition and about the different intuitive skills, and I will link that below and you can go to it. It's a three part series I believe. And so if you're wondering about what's the difference between you know, Claire-cognizance, clair-voyance, Claire-sentience Claire-audience, it's all there for you. So, know that you're not the only one if you're confused about all the different senses. And if you listen to those, you may really understand in yourself what showing up for you.

Intuition Series:

What are your senses? What what is it that you resonate to? Because we all have strongest intuitive gifts? We all have the ones that stand out for us the most. A great trick though is that as you're continuing to expand your energetic cultivation is that more and more of those gifts come online. So for example, when I was growing up, I'm definitely empathic. I feel everything and I had to learn through my life. especially with working with people that I don't have to take on those feelings the way that I used to when I was young. And part of intuitive training and energetic cultivation, is to be able to use all of your intuitive senses, you'll know which are stronger for you. And those will be kind of your go to, and maybe they'll be the ones where you go, Oh, yeah, I feel this, you know, sometimes if I'm, if information comes in, I will now of course, see it hear it. Sometimes I smell it, something, there's a movie screen in front of my mind where I can see things, and patterns, and I'll hear things. But all of that developed over time. The number one thing I always had was how I feel. That's how I know something.

And whenever in the past, I would discard that feeling. It was never a good idea. Something always happened that, you know, I knew better. Or when I shut it down. When I shut those feelings down, I would get sick, I would get a cold, I would get a cough, I'd get the flu, I just it was oh, it was such a pattern of not being well, that eventually I understood, Oh, I see when I turn my intuitive understandings off. It's like my body reverts against me. And so I learned that and I decided, okay, let's be in tune, I want to be in tune with myself. Thank you body for telling me. And of course, you go through life, and you have certain experiences where you don't listen to your intuition. And usually you finally get to a point where you say, Okay, I'm gonna listen, now. I've been proven over and over again, and I'm going to listen. And that's where the faith comes in. And the trust comes in. So when you get to a point, and you say, I'm going to listen, because I know there is information coming to me, that cannot be seen by others. But that is very important for myself, and I know my own truth. That is faith.

In order to get to that faith, you have to have certain experiences. So you know how I always say that energetic work, you know, chi gong, all of this cultivation, is about experience, I can share it with you, you can read about it, you can watch other people, but until you experience it until you're guided through it until you feel it until you know it. It's just words. And everybody's experience is different. Because everybody has different gifts inside of them. They have different energies that they excel with. And so until you get to the faith part, you have to have enough presence, to be able to bring yourself into alignment and make the active decision to trust. As you step forward into trust, then you will have experiences that prove to you that this is true for you. And then that trust becomes faith.

So when you ask what advice would you give someone who's doubting their intuitive gifts, you have to trust first that you are receiving the information that it's there for you. And then you want to move into alignment where you will allow yourself to learn how to adjust your vibration. And that does take some practice and some guidance to shift your vibration so that you are listening, knowing feeling hearing, touching, tasting, sensing on the levels, where intuitive information resonates. It's a very different thing than this 3d, very solid world that we live in. It's a different frequency. It's a different vibration. And you have to allow yourself to be able to go there to be able to trust that new vibration, or trust an old vibration that you used to know so well before you decided to close it out like myself, the vibration when you're a child, all of the things that you're seeing, feeling, hearing and touching, tasting, smelling all those things. They are very normal for a child when you realize oh, this isn't weird. This is just something that I closed the door on that I turned the volume down on.

This is true for me. And as you turn the volume up as you learn to resonate in the new frequency, it doesn't become weird anymore. But sometimes you need to take a little bit Time to trust that frequency, especially if you had something scary happened as a child, or you had something scary happened at any time, maybe you were an adult, and you had something scary happen, because now you want to move into that frequency, again, of the All Knowing guidance. And so which frequency are you going to choose, because there's many frequencies, there's many different layers and vibration. And so learning to resonate with light learning to resonate with your true guidance system might take a little practice, but that's okay. Because you want to understand who has your spiritual back, and you want to make a conscious decision to take the steps of trust. Because remember, trust is the verb, it's the action forward. And faith is the culmination of that trust, it is the knowing it is the absolute. And you do get to a point, just so you know, when you say, you know, if you're having a little hard time, doubting your intuition, you do get to a point where you know, you know what your intuition is, and what is true for you. It doesn't mean that at times, though, when we're going through high emotional times, like you may have lost somebody, somebody may have passed away, or you may have lost a relationship, where you may be going through a huge transition, like changing a job or moving anything like that. 

There are times in our life when we're stressed, and we're scared, and we're a little bit shaky in our own vibration. Those times are more difficult to really tune in, it just takes more practice, it takes a little more patience, it takes more gentleness with yourself, it doesn't mean you can't, and it's okay, if you really have someone that you trust, who knows what they're doing, to be able to go and get help from people, especially in the intuitive world, it's okay to do that. But ultimately, they should always be bringing you back to your own intuition to your own trust to your own knowing. But it can be difficult if you're going through something and so be kind to yourself on that. And it's because so much emotion is coming up about whatever it is you're going through, that is throwing you off, you're transitioning, you're moving through things, and it can be very loud in there, right with our mind and our emotions, the loudness can be blocking out the guidance. And so again, we need to get silent, we need to get present, we need to allow any emotions to come out the tears to fall, the anger, the fear, whatever it is, we want that to move through us. That's very, very important sometimes to, if you are holding in a lot of emotion, and you're trying to be really strong, and you are then trying to align yourself and I say trying because you can't really align yourself until you are expanded enough. And you release everything that you're holding that I hope that makes sense to you.

When we align ourselves, we want to be in a space of calm and peace. Because we want to easily move into a state of alignment, we want to move into that state of trust to that state of pure presence. And that means that we're not holding all of these other emotional properties such as fear and worry and anger and we're not pushing away or creating resistance. So when we have a lot of emotions going through us or a lot of thoughts going through us, we may be creating a lot of resistance, which of course becomes very difficult for us to move into alignment. And so that is why you will allow the emotions to move through you. You allow yourself to let it go so that the resistance falls away. And now you're able to exhale and to be present within yourself. And when you're now in that beautiful energetic state of neutral and you're present.

You now can tune yourself right the art of tuning in tune yourself to the frequencies that are there for you. The frequencies that are your intuitive knowing your divine wisdom, your wisdom self. So it does take a little time sometimes especially like I said, if you've had experiences maybe that were scary, or you've been made fun of or you've just kind of been blocking a lot of it in your life, maybe it just wasn't appropriate, it wasn't accepted. And so you kind of knew it was there, but you really didn't listen. And now your body and your soul are calling to you and saying, I need to follow my intuitive guidance, I want to follow my intuitive guidance. I am intuitive, I would like to be intuitive, I would like to receive intuitive guidance. So as a recap, who has your spiritual back, and that's something that again, we go through in Accessing Your Center Core of Light™ please come on over for a discovery call for that program. And presence. Can you be present enough and release resistance enough, so that then you can make a conscious choice to move into a state of trust, and through the trusting through taking the steps of trusting you are then shown the evidence and that moves you in to faith. So those are the steps that I have used that have helped me tremendously. And I just want to say, It's okay to doubt and it's okay to be afraid and it's okay to not be sure.

And all of those things, you'll probably find that the more that you allow yourself to move into your intuitive knowing that your logical mind and your intuition and your emotions, they all work together. So in Medical Qigong, we always talk about the heart and the mind. And the heart or the Shen in Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, the heart is the wisdom. It's the knowing. And the mind is the mind. It's what runs us. But the heart is the wisdom. Our mind has learned things that keep us safe here in this physical world. So when we can use the heart and mind together when we can align them together, and move through life in an intuitive and also use the logic that we know. Then we really open ourselves to really different experiences, and really different knowledge that comes in because we're not resisting. We're balanced. That's really important. Balance is everything. And it is expansive.

So I hope that that helped. I really loved the question. Please keep the questions coming in. Come on over to YouTube, leave me a comment. Share your insight. Let me know ask your question. Go to Sign up for holding space the free live gathering weekly. And if you are inspired by joining me in a five month immersion program, go on over and look at Accessing Your Center Core of Light and Happy New Year! Bye for now.

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