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One-to-One Sessions

with Maria Furlano DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

“My experience was excellent and I would highly recommend Maria. Her depth of knowledge, experience and her intuitive abilities get right to the root of the issues to begin the healing process." 

Larry M., Los Angeles, CA | Business Executive


Personal Sessions

For over 20 years as a teacher, coach and healing practitioner, I have the privilege of ushering people into a deeper relationship with their soul/mind/body energy system, so they can cultivate emotional balance and elevate their vitality. I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you.

I specialize in:

  • Moving through emotional loss 
  • Rebalancing anxiety and emotional overwhelm 
  • Creating healthy boundaries that support you
  • Energy recovery from stress, overwork, depletion and/or burnout
  • Easing pain and elevating energy and mood.
  • Spiritual cultivation and expanding into your unique gifts.

Session Fee:

$250.00 | 70 min.

$1250.00 | 5 Sessions Series

Our Journey Includes:

  • Intuitive & energetic session:  My intuitive skills are clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing). I'm able to tune in to your energy whether we're in the same room or across the continent.
  • Distance medical Qigong therapy:  This energetic healing work is used to clear, rebalance and fortify your energetic system. You will be able to lay down and relax during our session.
  • All sessions are offered on Zoom. An audio recording is included. A lot of information is shared during our time together and having the recording allows true integration of your session.


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“Maria was able to see what was going on with me even when several western MD's could not figure it out. She took me, an absolute mess and was able to start me on my way to a healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone."   

Brooke Geer Persón | Glendale, CA    

“I was referred to Maria as a last resort after trying traditional Western medicine, therapy, medications, and other resources used to address almost 22 years of severe, debilitating and immobilizing depression.  I self-medicated with alcohol for many years, created a very unhealthy work-life balance due to a stressful and demanding job.  What had the greatest impact, were the customized prescriptions she gave me to supplement the sessions.  Currently, my depression is completely managed, as well as the downstream impacts.  I have experienced a significant increase in my energy levels, mental clarity, attitude, and physical endurance.”

Private Client | San Francisco, CA

My experience with Maria has been exceptional and my health has improved dramatically. I have had treatments in person and at a distance. What surprised me was that, although each treatment is different, the results were equally as significant whether I was in her office or lying peacefully at home in Canada.”

David Miller, British Columbia, Canada | CEO

“My journey with Maria has been exhilarating, challenging and some of the most satisfying work I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. She's the real deal!”

Mam Smith, NY | Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat, Choreographer, & Professional Stuntwoman

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