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Bio:  Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Maria Furlano is a Physician of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, Doctor medical Qigong (China) and a Spiritual Intuitive. Founder of The Art Of Tuning In® Studio for Energetic and Intuitive Cultivation and is the Host of The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. Dr. Maria began her training in the energetic and martial arts at the age of 12. A master teacher and intuitive coach for 20+ years, her greatest joy is teaching people how they can move into a deeper relationship with their mind/body energy and tune into their intuitive gifts. Maria believes that accessing our intuitive alignment and emotional balance is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our relationships and in raising the consciousness of our planet.  

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Maria Furlano is a Physician of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, Doctor medical Qigong (China) and a Spiritual Intuitive. Founder of The Art Of Tuning In® Studio for Intuitive and Energetic Cultivation and the Host of The Art Of Tuning In Podcast.

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Extended Bio/Personal Journey: 

Maria Furlano began her journey into the energetic and martial arts at age 12, and has always been drawn to experiencing how energy moves within our body and in every aspect of life. A wake up call for deep personal healing began when Maria experienced a back injury in her 20's and after dealing with daily pain for 2 1/2 years, she begin to learn how interconnected pain was to her emotional and mental state of being. Through working with medical Qigong exercises, therapeutic bodywork and medical Qigong therapy, she began connecting the dots when different emotions directly impacted how her pain levels would increase, especially when she ignored what she needed to express. Her travels to China allowed her to interact with Qigong masters and their healing skills. These experiences had such a deep impact on how she experienced energy, that after she received her masters degree in Chinese medicine, her focus and training was dedicated to medical Qigong and helping others learn step-by-step how they can elevate their frequency and open their intuition, while enjoying better emotional balance and vitality.

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Link to view:  Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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The Art Of Tuning In Podcast


Maria Furlano - The Art Of Tuning In


What I love to talk about:

  • What is Qigong (pronounced CHEE GONG) and why it's so powerful for mind/body emotional balance.
  • How is Qigong different than Taijichuan and meditation?
  • Energetic sensitivity (especially as an empath) and the importance of learning how to clear and align energy in mind/body.
  • How does alignment and creative thinking work together in manifestation?
  • What it means to manage our energy and live with more vitality (i.e.:  output vs input).
  • How Qigong practices help us open our natural intuitive abilities.

Interview questions:

  • What does balance really mean for soul/mind/body health?
  • Why is it so important to understand and recognize your output of energy, verses your input of energy?
  • What does it mean to connect with your own energy?
  • How do you begin to connect with your divine energy?
  • How do Qigong practices help us to open our natural intuitive abilities?
  • If you're energetically sensitive what are ways you can avoid negative energy affecting you?
  • How do we refocus our energy so we're not so stuck in the past?
  • What's the difference between alignment and trying to think positively?

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Maria's podcasts, interviews & YouTube topics

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What does "presence" really mean and how do you get there?

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Qigong Balancing Breath

Calm and refocus your mind and emotional balance with this wonderful Qigong practice. This can also be done seated with your feet flat on the floor and an elongated spine. Practice 5 times then rest for a moment and then 5 more times. See how you feel! (Closed Captions on video)

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Manifesting from 3D vs 5D Levels (energy insights)

An insight I shared inside my STUDIO membership for our upcoming live master classes. When you want to shift anything in your life, it's always about alignment. When you're in alignment, you no longer try to push through, instead you listen and draw in what it is you truly desire. They key is practicing how to shift into the frequency you desire each day. (Closed Captions on video)

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Intuition 101

I was asked a great question "How do I know if I'm intuitive?" Let's talk about how intuition shows up in our life and how you can begin to access it and become more of aware of how we may be blocking it from coming through a little easier. It's all about awareness and when we allow our intuition to speak it's wisdom to us, life get's really fun. (Closed Captions on video)

Energetic Medicine with Qi Gong Expert Maria Furlano

In this new episode of our podcast, George and John interview an expert in Medical Qi Gong. Maria Furlano is a Qi Gong expert, and actually is one of George's mentors in this powerful eastern tradition. During this interview you will learn more about what Qi Gong is and how it is different from Tai Chi.
• What benefits can you expect to receive when you practice this art?
• How does Qi Gong influence telomerase activity in the chromosomes?
• Are there any clinical studies which show a clear benefit of using this practice?
• What do they show?
Maria even explains how Qi Gong can strengthen your intuition and clear obstacles in your energetic field so you can be more of who you are meant to be! Maria ended the interview with a powerful exercise that really helps get the energy flowing in the body in just moments. Episode on Apple Podcasts > LISTEN HERE!

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Do you dim your light to make others feel more comfortable?

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Healthy Boundaries: 3 questions to get you started

Learning how to begin to create healthy boundaries in our life actually creates freedom. But many people don't know where to begin, or what's actually holding them back from creating healthy boundaries that support all areas in their life. In this episode I'm sharing 3 things to begin exploring as you begin to support your energy in better ways with your relationships (family, romantic and friendships), career and emotional well-being. (Closed Captions on video / full transcript below).

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"Energetic Neutrality"

What can happen when we keep pushing to create something we want, is we actually create a block. In today's video I'm sharing how "energetic neutrality" is the space we want to create from because it allows us to receive the wisdom that available to us. (Topic begins at 2:00 / Closed captions on video)

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