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When we align our spiritual & emotional mindset...


Energy flows through us in totally different ways!


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“I'm loving this membership!" 

"Maria, you are the best in holding sacred space for others and providing them with all the information and support they need - whether it's one-to-one or in a group. I'm loving this membership!"

Karen Wayne | Los Angeles, CA 

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The Art Of Tuning In

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“Intuition and knowledge…”

“Maria you constantly amazed me with your vast knowledge of the subject matter, and incredible intuitiveness. I have never been taught by someone who possessed such a strong passion and enthusiasm for teaching… You have awakened a desire in me with this work.”  

Kat Reyes | Las Vegas, NV 


Hi there!  

I'm Maria Furlano

Personal energetic expansion is at the heart of everything I teach.

As a Doctor of medical Qigong (China), Physician of Chinese medicine, and a Spiritual Intuitive... My greatest joy is working with people who desire a high vibrational approach to well-being!

For over 20 yrs. I've had the privilege of guiding amazing people, who want to elevate how they're moving through their life and connect fully into their soul's journey.

Does any of this resonate with you? 

  •  You're exhausted from stress? 
  •  You seem to take on other people's energy? 
  • You often feel overwhelmed & under-energized?
  • You want more access to your intuitive wisdom?
  • You want more control over how you feel (emotionally & physically)?
  • Support to create healthy boundaries + consistency in your self-care would feel sooo good!

 Feeling empowered, tuned in & energized is pretty awesome! 

What's inside the studio?

Monthly LIVE Support

Master Classes + Q&A Coaching


MONTHLY LIVE {with Maria} - Master Class Topics include:  Transforming anxiety, creating healthy boundaries, overwhelm, emotional loss, mental focus to support energy flow, seasonal energy flow, energy clearing and protection and more every month!

MONTHLY LIVE {with Maria} - Q&A Coaching Workshop For member questions and support on what they're working on inside the studio. 

SoulMindBody Practices

focused in medical Qigong

  • Increase immunity & vitality
  • Calm stress & nervous system overload
  • Expand energy fields for healthy boundaries
  • Seasonal practices to support energy flow.
  • Breathing, meditation & visualizations
  • Expanding your intuitive wisdom 

Practices grounded in energetic well-being. 


Mindset & Emotions

Transform how energy flows through you!

  • How your thoughts impact emotional & physical energy flow.
  • Moving into ease & out of pain
  • Journaling practices
  • Supporting our energy from a loss 

  • Cultivating consistency in our own self-care

Step-by-step tools for creating a life that's tuned in to who you truly are.

Community Forum

Sharing your insights, questions, experiences & connecting with others who are also on a journey of conscious awareness.

Your Community Forum is located inside your Member Portal (NOT on FaceBook).

Studio & Community Forum are both accessible with the (included) mobil app! Making it so easy to access your tools & stay connected.  

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"Maria explains things in such a simple way, it's easy to put to use in my life!"

"I'm able to access what I need most inside this membership.  Whether it’s the emotions & mindset series, simple breathing and visualizations, Qigong practices...  They're like a little set of tools in my arsenal box that I apply when situations come up out of no where; helping myself to calm down and feel like I have some kind of control over what's happening. I'm learning more everyday. It's empowering!"

Melissa Middleton | Berkeley, California


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“She will meet you there...”

"If you're looking to make a change, you've come to the right place."

Maria’s work is the real deal. I can’t say enough about her intuitive accurateness. She’s spot on! But, honestly, it doesn’t matter where you are; if your intent is true… She will meet you there!”  

Mam Smith | New York, NY


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$39/per month


  • Live Monthly Members Master Classes
  • Live Monthly Members Q&A's Workshops
  • Full Online Studio Access
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  • Videos (cc optional), audios & workbooks
  • Community Forum (inside your portal)
  • Member Discount on Live Workshops

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$429.00/per year


  • 1 Month Free
  • Live Monthly Members Master Classes
  • Live Monthly Members Q&A's Workshops
  • Full Online Studio Access
  • Mobile App (for easy studio access)
  • Videos (cc optional), audios & workbooks
  • Community Forum (inside your portal)
  • Member Discount on Live Events

The gift of expanding your energetic well-being!

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Frequently Asked Questions...


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“Avoided series injury..." 

“Dear Maria, Your Qigong classes have helped me in my massage practice and my life… I believe that I have avoided serious injury over the past 5 years because of your Qigong and movement classes. Thank you.”  

Diane Heggan | Los Angeles, CA

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"Create more of the space in my life that supports me."

"It was amazing to feel the pockets of tension and resistance, start to unlock."

"I was centered and so fully rooted, after my training with Maria. It felt like nothing was in my way – especially myself. My mind is not clouded, it's more focused and I can see more clearly and create more of the space in my life that supports me."

Kirsten McKinney, Houston, Texas

I can't wait to support your journey!

I'm ready!