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  Healers Studio!

“I'm loving this studio!" 

"Maria, you are the best in holding sacred space for others and providing them with all the information and support they need - whether it's one-to-one or in a group. I'm loving this studio!"

Karen Wayne | Los Angeles, CA 

A studio for energy healers & bodyworkers who want to elevate their own energy & personal cultivation.

A 12-month program grounded in medical Qigong cultivation practices that clear, protect & fortify the energy system of the practitioner.

Live master classes each month + online studio

Does any of this resonate with you? 

  • You're really good at what you do, but you seem to take on other people's energy... 
  • You want more access to your intuitive wisdom...
  • Creating healthier boundaries would feel so good...
  • Consistency in your personal self-care is lacking....
  • It's time to learn fresh skills to energetically protect and fortify your energy fields... 
  • You think feeling empowered, tuned in & energized is pretty awesome! 
  • You're ready to connect deeply to your soul's journey and expand the spiritual and physical abundance in your life...

The Studio will re-open to a new group on May 1st, 2021.

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Hi there!  

I'm Maria Furlano

Personal energetic expansion is at the heart of everything I teach.

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For over 20 yrs. I've had the privilege of sharing energetic practices that cultivate personal energy, create sacred space and safely expand intuitive gifts.

As a spiritual intuitive, master teacher, Doctor of medical Qigong (China), and Physician of Chinese medicine, I know personally how transforming my own energetic practice impacted every aspect of my health, but also expanded my abilities in how I work with my clients.

It's no secret we healers and bodyworkers often put ourselves last. We have so much to give.

But here’s the thing, when we truly cultivate our personal energy, it positively impacts every relationship in our life... Including our relationship to our personal abundance.

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“Intuition and knowledge…”

“Maria you constantly amazed me with your vast knowledge of the subject matter, and incredible intuitiveness. I have never been taught by someone who possessed such a strong passion and enthusiasm for teaching… You have awakened a desire in me with this work.”  

Kat Reyes | Las Vegas, NV 



Whats' inside?

Online Studio

Includes video's (CC), audio's and/or workbooks that support monthly focus.

LIVE Master Classes

2 LIVE (60-90 min) classes with Maria each month. That's 24 Live classes!

Member Only Community Forum

A kind space for sharing and support, located inside the online portal, not on FaceBook.

Our Series Include...

Tuning In 

Expand how you're tuning in to your unique spiritual guides and divinely aligned guidance personally and professionally.

Clearing & Restoring

Step-by-step practices based in medical Qigong that clear, protect and restore soul/mind/body and enhance the energy fields of the body.


We'll focus on aligning personal boundaries and build consistency in self-care, so you're not loosing your power.

Items Hold Vibration

Clearing our personal space impacts how we feel. A clear energetic space also impacts the flow in our relationships and how we manifest on a daily basis.

Roles We Play

Are the roles you play in your life empowering or disempowering? We all play different roles, the key is aligning with balance energy exchange.

Your Sacred Space

As we hold sacred space for our work, it means we need to hold even deeper sacred space for own spiritual practice. Are you holding sacred space in your life?

Energetic Cultivation

A foundational step-by-step practice that clears, protect's and cultivate's your personal energy flow.

Your intuitive gifts

As we build solid foundations in our energetic self-care, our natural intuitive gifts begin to expand. 


Manifesting comes easily to the healer, bodyworker, intuitive and medium, but many block these gifts.

Plus Bonus Offerings!

I'm excited to offer these 3 bonuses during our year together!

seasonal practice series bamboo

Seasonal Practice Series

Normally a separate course offering, the Qigong Seasonal Practice Series opens each season and will be included as a bonus offering while you're enrolled in this program.

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Meditation 101

This series includes straightforward insights to help you begin a nourishing practice of meditation, as well as visualizations that strengthen mental focus. 

Distance Coaching & Healing Series

I'll be sharing the steps I've used for 15 years to clear, protect and nourish my energy for my (distance) intuitive coaching and medical Qigong healing sessions.

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"Maria explains things in such a simple way, it's easy to put to use in my life!"

"I'm able to access what I need most inside this membership.  Whether it’s the emotions & mindset series, simple breathing and visualizations, Qigong practices...  They're like a little set of tools in my arsenal box that I apply when situations come up out of no where; helping myself to calm down and feel like I have some kind of control over what's happening. I'm learning more everyday. It's empowering!"

Melissa Middleton | Berkeley, California


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“Avoided series injury..." 

“Dear Maria, Your Qigong classes have helped me in my massage practice and my life… I believe that I have avoided serious injury over the past 5 years because of your Qigong and movement classes. Thank you.”  

Diane Heggan | Los Angeles, CA

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"Create more of the space in my life that supports me."

"It was amazing to feel the pockets of tension and resistance, start to unlock."

"I was centered and so fully rooted, after my training with Maria. It felt like nothing was in my way – especially myself. My mind is not clouded, it's more focused and I can see more clearly and create more of the space in my life that supports me."

Kirsten McKinney, Houston, Texas

The Studio will RE-OPEN with a new group on May 1st, 2021.

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you'll be first to receive all the details!

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"My greatest joy is working with people who desire a high vibrational approach to well-being!"

~ Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

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“She will meet you there...”

"If you're looking to make a change, you've come to the right place."

Maria’s work is the real deal. I can’t say enough about her intuitive accurateness. She’s spot on! But, honestly, it doesn’t matter where you are; if your intent is true… She will meet you there!”  

Mam Smith | New York, NY